Mrs Weavers Finest – A Collaborative Affair

“Wow, you made me look so beautiful.”

Its one of the best compliments a photographer could receive but the camera truly records what it sees. The beauty is already there. Tara and Alanna did an amazing job doing hair and Dalyn is an amazing make up artist . It’s not easy to come to the ‘parlour’ and be vulnerable and raw. Don’t be afraid of your own beautiful femininity. I just worked to draw out the natural you, to help the timid and nervousness fall away and together we greeted the sweet excitement of the vintage shoot. I believe that women spend much of their time taking care of everyone else and typically spend very little time focusing on themselves. It is so awesome to be reminded from time to time how incredible we are as individuals and as women. Beauty is so much more than pretty. It’s inside and outside pretty. It’s vulnerable and feminine pretty. It’s strength and power pretty. It’s all the complicated bits and pieces of a woman’s soul vibrating together to make up that magnificent being that is so much more than can be defined by one word.

So blessed to have met such amazing women and their enthusiasm to recreating these vintage images for Mrs. Weaver’s Finest Unmentionables – custom lingerie for Every Body! ‘Mrs. Weaver’ says in her blog post… “The intention for this shoot was to take beautiful vintage images, like the ones I’ve collected on my Vintage Beauties Pinterest Board, and recreate them or use them as a basis for inspiration. The women who posed for these modern photographs are real women and the images haven’t been photoshopped – with the exception of a bruise that was erased from someone’s bottom. The shoot was designed to be a celebration of the inherent beauty in all women and the results have surpassed my wildest dreams.”

I am incredibly honored to be part of this journey and look forward to where this adventure will take us. To these women who came together for this creative session and to the future women who will come I want to strive to empower and uplift you but I also want to thank you for trusting me to capture your innate beauty in a respectful manner but also for having courage and believing in yourself enough to celebrate you.

Well done ladies!

Mrs-Weaver's-Women-1-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-16-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-15-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-3-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-2-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-13-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-6-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-7-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-5-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-14-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-10-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-11-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-9-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-12-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-8-Sept-2015

No More Monkeys… | Children

A new vintage headboard, natural light and a little monkey willing to jump on the bed makes for a wonderful late morning session in the studio… I really loving this collection.

Dylann-bed-vintage5-Jan-2015 Dylann-bed-vintage6-Jan-2015 Dylann-bed-vintage2-Jan-2015 Dylann-bed-vintage1-Jan-2015 Dylann-bed-vintage3-Jan-2015 Dylann-bed-vintage4-Jan-2015

These last two are my favorites…

Dylann-bed-vintage8-Jan-2015 Dylann-bed-vintage-Jan-2015

Studio Time | Personal

Lately I have been spending a wee bit of time in the studio get some practise with the lights. My girls were home for Christmas so we had a little fun…

Ryane-Studio7 Ryane-Studio6 Ryane-Studio8 Ryane-Studio5 Keegan-studio5-Dec-2014 Keegan-studio4-Dec-2014 Keegan-studio3-Dec-2014 Keegan-studio-Dec-2014 Keegan-studio1-Dec-2014

Sweet Emmy Comes to Visit | Babies

It was great to help a friend out when she needed a sitter for her wee little Emmy.  I was more than happy to enjoy some wee snuggles, tiny baby cooing and even squeeze in a few photos too. So stoked to be able to try out all the crocheted goodness that my oldest daughter had made for me. Emmy rocked it all and I can’t wait for my date with tiny Emily (and her beautiful family) soon…

Baby-Emmy Baby-Emmy2 Baby-Emmy3 Baby-Emmy4 Baby-Emmy5 Baby-Emmy6 Baby-Emmy7

Family Fun in a Box | Creative

With opportunities of my whole family being together becoming fewer and far between each time we all gather I intend to take some family photos.  I was hoping to do some outdoor ones but when Mother Nature decided that we weren’t quite done with winter and my daughter’s home have small spaces to work with I was grateful for this suggestion.  I had seen something like this on Pinterest and decided to find a box (harder than you might think), gather my family and see what we could come up with.  Once we got going the ideas kept on coming.  So much laughter, fun and giggles.  I am pretty happy with the results…

8 family members + 2 dogs + 1 box = countless ideas and oodles of laughter!!

I am incredibly grateful for ALL of this…


We also took enough photos to create one for my daughter of just her family!!



Dylann Turns One | Family Session

In the beginning when Dylann was brand new we took a few photos with Daddy’s Pittsburgh Steelers jersey and started a tradition.  So when her first birthday rolled around we were at first shocked as to how fast a year could go by and then quite happy to hit the studio and snap a few photos in her Daddy’s jersey… I love it.

Quinns7 Quinns11 Quinns8 Quinns6 Quinns3 Quinns10 Quinns14

Love me a little Dylann sugar | Babies

I love the cute little pastel print flowered dress and soft pink tiny sweater, serious sweetness overload and I knew I just had to scoop a little studio time with this little babe. Big bright eyes and an adorable smile, happy to taste and check out anything and everything I offered her, not walking yet but I’m sure that’s not far off and only a short amount of time before she’ll be ready for a nap…

Lights, camera, action

Dylann-2 Dylann-3 Dylann-4 Dylann-6 Dylann-5 Dylann-7 Dylann-8 Dylann-10 Dylann-9

Vanessa, so ‘vintagely’ beautiful | Studio Session

I am fond of all things vintage, aged and rustic.  I have a growing collection of pill box hats, gloves and I’m now collecting vintage furniture… it’s an addiction and I LOVE IT!!!! With a neighbor, whose passion is sewing… (check her out at… all cool camera straps for any style of camera, bags, guitar straps) she totally helps feed this crazy vintage flair of mine.  Collecting everything from clothing, hats and accessories to furniture in various condition and then having her help in bring these items back to life is seriously fabulous!

I was so happy when Vanessa wanted to come over and play in the studio with me…  winter has started to settle in and I’m super pumped to be playing indoors learning more than a few things about lighting, props, and capturing images in the studio.

Vanessa-vintage1 Vanessa-vintage2 Vanessa-vintage8Vanessa-vintage3 Vanessa-vintage5 Vanessa-vintage4 Vanessa-vintage6