Ballerina Beauty | Okotoks and Area Photographer

I love when a creative idea grows to the point where I just need to get out there and try. The idea came as part of an Offbeat52 challenge where we were to submit images that were our own interpretation of the week’s theme. This particular week the theme was  #BetweenWorlds and as always up to our interpretation. My first thoughts were to put a classical orchestra in the forest but that provided so many challenges… the top being… where do I find an orchestra? I decided that maybe a ballerina in the forest would fit the theme nicely and it would be easier to find a ballerina… right? Kind of.

I put the word out on Social Media that I was looking to find a dancer, in particular a ballerina with pointe shoes and a tutu. There were a few tags of people and I reached out to all of them. I connected to this wonderful girl and her mumma. We chatted and pulled a quick session together in the fading fall light. So grateful that they were willing to come out and play.

I used one light (OCF) camera left. I enjoyed the practise and play. I still would have loved to put a small classical orchestra in the forest but this rocked too.

Maybe one day.


Sweet Little Mr. Johnston

I was so excited when I received a message from this lovely mumma about wanting to book a small session…  ‘I would like just a few photos of my son as a newborn’. I was excited for a couple of reasons; this mumma who isn’t really a fan of having her photograph taken still wanted to ‘record’ this time in her son’s life, to capture when he was so small and tiny and this would be my first newborn little boy!

This session was photographed on location in their home. I find it so much easier for new parents to be in their own space, they are more relaxed and have everything they could possibly need for baby. We talked about color palette options and the style of images ahead of time and chose a nice bright location of the house. Little Maddux wasn’t totally sleepy when I arrived, we tried to get him settle without being held but he had different plans. After a feeding he was ‘milk drunk’ and happy to settle in for his quick little session.

I am incredibly grateful that mum and dad were easily talked into a few images that included them… it was so wonderful to meet this ‘Little Man’. I look forward to a few family photos as he grows.

A New Chapter Begins | Lifestyle Session

Casual Act: There are those who don’t have to speak loudly to make a statement; whose actions speak louder than words. ~ EVO (moulding paste)

It’s exciting to start a new Chapter in our own ‘life story’ but it can also be daunting as well. New space, new place, new co-workers, new feel… all pretty exciting in the beginning. Then you realize that all the old creature comforts are new too and next thing you know… you discover that you’re the ‘new girl’. We decided the shake the ‘new’ feeling up and turn it on it’s head with a creative and business promoting styled photoshoot. Grabbed a few dresses, a kick butt pair of heels, make up and hair all done up and she rocked the camera.

Tara is a freelance stylist operating at Notorious Hair Group in Inglewood. She is a lover of all things hair. A communicator. A curl wizard. Her favorite place outside of hanging with her family is behind the chair… getting to know her clients in the mirror. Her quirky, energetic style and personality lend to a unique combination of talent and compassion. Lover of all things vintage. Tara brings hair to life… she is a ‘Casual Act’.

I’m honored to capture Tara in her new space. I know her clients are going to enjoy catching up with her at Notorious. If you’re looking for a stylist, you gotta give this girl a call… Hairbrained… you’ll not be disappointed.

Cedar Family | Calgary and Area Photographer

Often clients don’t realize that bright overcast days are beautiful days to photograph and light rain or just after a rain often offers some of the best opportunities for dramatic skies or rich vibrant color. So when the rain threatened our session I was super happy that this family was willing to bring along some umbrellas and go for it anyway. The rain had just let up and there was a bit of a fine mist in the air by the time we arrived at our location. Perfection!!

Thanks so much Cedar family for coming out to play.

Christie Family | Okotoks and Area Photographer

With the wet summer we had this year I was thrilled to be enjoying a beautiful fall. The leaves had a chance to really turn colors and offer that rewarding ‘crunch’ sound when you stroll through all the natural spaces about town. With fall arriving so does the desire to capture some fabulous family photos… a new update and something perfect for ordering those Christmas cards. I love that I get to see the Christie Family year after year and as always the boys are tough to keep up with but this year it was easier to get them in the same frame. The pooches came along too but being labs their focus was more on the water and happily being free rather than on leashes. It was a gorgeous day and a fabulous location.

Bo | Male Modeling

It’s sometimes daunting to take a step in a direction you’ve dreamed about. Bo has had a interest in modeling and felt he could be good at but never really shared his thoughts with anyone else. When he finally decided that he would apply I was thrilled and even more so when he asked if I would take a few photos for his application.

He’s a total natural and the camera certainly loves him. I know that this truly is just the tip of the iceberg for Bo and if you find yourself looking for a male model check out Bo’s profile with Numa Modeling Calgary. Young and enthusiastic, his energy and vibe is simply fantastic, calm nature and so easy to work with. I wish him the absolute best in his modeling career.




Mrs Weavers Finest – A Collaborative Affair

“Wow, you made me look so beautiful.”

Its one of the best compliments a photographer could receive but the camera truly records what it sees. The beauty is already there. Tara and Alanna did an amazing job doing hair and Dalyn is an amazing make up artist . It’s not easy to come to the ‘parlour’ and be vulnerable and raw. Don’t be afraid of your own beautiful femininity. I just worked to draw out the natural you, to help the timid and nervousness fall away and together we greeted the sweet excitement of the vintage shoot. I believe that women spend much of their time taking care of everyone else and typically spend very little time focusing on themselves. It is so awesome to be reminded from time to time how incredible we are as individuals and as women. Beauty is so much more than pretty. It’s inside and outside pretty. It’s vulnerable and feminine pretty. It’s strength and power pretty. It’s all the complicated bits and pieces of a woman’s soul vibrating together to make up that magnificent being that is so much more than can be defined by one word.

So blessed to have met such amazing women and their enthusiasm to recreating these vintage images for Mrs. Weaver’s Finest Unmentionables – custom lingerie for Every Body! ‘Mrs. Weaver’ says in her blog post… “The intention for this shoot was to take beautiful vintage images, like the ones I’ve collected on my Vintage Beauties Pinterest Board, and recreate them or use them as a basis for inspiration. The women who posed for these modern photographs are real women and the images haven’t been photoshopped – with the exception of a bruise that was erased from someone’s bottom. The shoot was designed to be a celebration of the inherent beauty in all women and the results have surpassed my wildest dreams.”

I am incredibly honored to be part of this journey and look forward to where this adventure will take us. To these women who came together for this creative session and to the future women who will come I want to strive to empower and uplift you but I also want to thank you for trusting me to capture your innate beauty in a respectful manner but also for having courage and believing in yourself enough to celebrate you.

Well done ladies!

Mrs-Weaver's-Women-1-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-16-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-15-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-3-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-2-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-13-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-6-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-7-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-5-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-14-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-10-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-11-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-9-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-12-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-8-Sept-2015

Kiana’s Senior & Family Session | Calgary and Area Photographer

‘Beltline Calgary Beauty’

Typically June can offer up some pretty wet weather for us but this year things are greening up early and so far June has been beautiful. I watched the sky change as I drove into the city… I asked for the rain clouds to hold off or push off quickly to not dampen this beautiful girl’s session. We lost the sunshine, gained a little wind but thankfully the rain didn’t appear.

When we talked about locations, Rundle Ruins in Calgary was mentioned… not only had I not been there before but I hadn’t even heard about it. These are the remnants of the walls from the old general hospital way back in the late 1800’s. Cool lil’ piece of Calgary history and I was happy to be able to explore this space and capture images of this beautiful and fun family.

Congratulations Kiana on your graduation and I am sure you’ll enjoy your upcoming studies and experience at Simon Frazer University and I’m also sure you’ll enjoy being home for the ‘snowball fight’ at Christmas!!

Kiana-Campbell-Grad-1-June-2015 Kiana-Campbell-Grad-2-June-2015 Kiana-Campbell-Grad-3-June-2015 Kiana-Campbell-Grad-5-June-2015 Kiana-Campbell-Grad-6-June-2015 Kiana-Campbell-Grad-7-June-2015 Kiana-Campbell-Grad-9-June-2015 Kiana-Campbell-Grad-10-June-2015 Kiana-Campbell-Grad-11-June-2015 Kiana-Campbell-Grad-June-2015 Kiana-Campbell-Grad-14-June-2015Kiana-Campbell-Grad-17-June-2015Kiana-Campbell-Grad-18-June-2015 Kiana-Campbell-Grad-16-June-2015

Creative Yoga Session | Calgary & Area Photographer

‘Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, or worn. It is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.’ ~ Denis Waitley

That’s what I experienced Tuesday night from these amazing women… love, grace and gratitude and an abundance of passion. Robin is an instructor with Motion Fitness in Okotoks, she teaches classes and is also a personal trainer and incredibly fit and flexible. She didn’t shy away form anything we asked of her and the results are beautiful and amazing.

Once again I enjoyed working with the talented make up artist Dalyn Daysdream Makeovers and creative hairstylist Tara Watts. You ladies knocked the looks out of the park!!

Creative-Yoga-Robin-6-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-7-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-8-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-10-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-14-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-12-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-15-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-16-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-19-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-21-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-24-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-26-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-31-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-33-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-35-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-37-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-38-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-42-June-2015

The creative beauty duo in action…


Ryane at 29 | Calgary & Area Photographer

Since the arrival of my grandchildren, we always take time to make sure we get together for their birthdays but not too often do I catch Ryane and Jason’s birthdays. This year we were lucky to have them come for a visit… and I made a point to capture some photos of her at 29.

Ryane-at-29-11-May-2015 Ryane-at-29-10-May-2015 Ryane-at-29-9-May-2015 Ryane-at-29-8-May-2015 Ryane-at-29-Ella-May-2015 Ryane-at-29-Eli-May-2015 Ryane-at-29-7-May-2015 Ryane-at-29-6-May-2015 Ryane-at-29-4-May-2015 Ryane-at-29-3-May-2015 Ryane-at-29-2-May-2015