Lucy & Brad | Maternity Mini Session

A few quick photos to mark an amazing moment because there is not much more amazing than being pregnant, on the cusp of welcoming a new, precious wee one into your life.

I was surprised to discover that I had met Lucy before, years before. She has grown into a beautiful woman and I could not be more happy that she has found a wonderful man and was about to embark on the joy of becoming a mother. One of the most difficult yet rewarding positions to hold. So very exciting.

There was a shyness for Lucy and Brad (there often is in front of the camera) but Blaze the beautiful black lab was plenty excited for the two of them!!


Spring Luciousness Feeds my Soul | Okotoks and Area Photographer

The weather thwarted our plans for a family session but the smell of the rain really called to me to come out and play. I love the beauty of my town and that I can find such luscious places to feed my soul.

Spring gorgeousness…Spring-Evening-2-June-2015 Spring-Evening-3-June-2015 Spring-Evening-1-June-2015 Spring-Evening-5-June-2015 Spring-Evening-6-June-2015 Spring-Evening-June-2015 Spring-Evening-7-June-2015 Spring-Evening-8-June-2015 Spring-Evening-4-June-2015

Forest Fairies, a Creative Collaboration | Calgary and Area Photographer

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

~ Marianne Williamson

I truly enjoyed collaborating together with the talents of Dalyn Sjogren with Dalyn’s Daydream Makeovers and creative hairstylist, Tara Watts. A session to work together for the first time, a session to feed our own creativity, a session to expand with ideas, a session to grow with more and to make new friends… it was truly fantastic to be a part of this collaboration.

I look so forward to the next time.

Creative-Forest-Fairies-Shoot-22-May-2015 Creative-Forest-Fairies-Shoot-20-May-2015 Creative-Forest-Fairies-Shoot-18-May-2015 Creative-Forest-Fairies-Shoot-9-May-2015 Creative-Forest-Fairies-Shoot-24-May-2015 Creative-Forest-Fairies-Shoot-14-May-2015 Creative-Forest-Fairies-Shoot-13-May-2015 Creative-Forest-Fairies-Shoot-4-May-2015 Creative-Forest-Fairies-Shoot-5-May-2015 Creative-Forest-Fairies-Shoot-2-May-2015Creative-Forest-Fairies-Shoot-12-May-2015 Creative-Forest-Fairies-Shoot-11-May-2015 Creative-Forest-Fairies-Shoot-7-May-2015

We had so much fun…


Jensen & Kennedy Senior-Family Session | Calgary and Area Photographer

This was a huge group of beautiful people, warm smiles, humor and a lot of history together. These two families have been friends a long time and celebrate yet another milestone… graduation. It was awesome to meet you all.

Congratulations to Jensen and Kennedy on your graduation…

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”
— Henry David Thoreau

Warnock-&-Young-Grad-4-May-2015 Warnock-&-Young-Grad-11-May-2015 Warnock-&-Young-Grad-8-May-2015 Warnock-&-Young-Grad-10-May-2015 Warnock-&-Young-Grad-9-May-2015 Warnock-&-Young-Grad-5-May-2015 Warnock-&-Young-Grad-7-May-2015 Warnock-&-Young-Grad-6-May-2015 Warnock-&-Young-Grad-12-May-2015

Barbara’s Senior Session | Cagary & Area Photographer

I love beautiful dresses and spring!!  It was the perfect night for a session out at the park with a sweet and beautiful girl. No mosquitos. gorgeous warm light and nothing but smiles… I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and photographing this gorgeous girl. She exudes a beautiful kind of grace and has such a warm and kind heart. I came away from this session feeling as though I’ve made a new friend. We even had her girlfriends come and meet us towards the end of our session.

You look absolutely radiant Barbara and I am looking so forward to capturing you in your cap and gown.

Congratulations, the world is an amazing place just by having you in it.

Barbara5-Grad Barbara4-Grad Barbara3-Grad Barbara2-Grad Barbara9-Grad Barbara10-Grad Barbara-Grad Barbara13-Grad Barbara14-Grad Barbara7-Grad Barbara15-Grad

Sweet Emmy Comes to Visit | Babies

It was great to help a friend out when she needed a sitter for her wee little Emmy.  I was more than happy to enjoy some wee snuggles, tiny baby cooing and even squeeze in a few photos too. So stoked to be able to try out all the crocheted goodness that my oldest daughter had made for me. Emmy rocked it all and I can’t wait for my date with tiny Emily (and her beautiful family) soon…

Baby-Emmy Baby-Emmy2 Baby-Emmy3 Baby-Emmy4 Baby-Emmy5 Baby-Emmy6 Baby-Emmy7

Karsten & Chase | Seniors Session

I love meeting new people and these boys were so awesome to visit with and get to know. They were completely unsure about what to expect and as most people are a wee bit uncomfortable when the camera is pointed their direction. We chatted, they settled in and I was surprised to discover the outfit color of purple was Karsten’s choice, a perfect compliment to the golden fall color and I was completely smitten with Chase’s bowtie.

This wonderful Mumma has raised these boys well.  Great manners, polite, extremely cooperative and even offering suggestions of their own… love that and I enjoyed the conversation too.  Sometimes it’s hard on the heart strings when they grow up and start to explore this big world for themselves but these boys are well loved and supported.

Wishing you nothing but the best in all that you do.

Karsten-&-Chase2 Karsten-&-Chase1 Karsten-&-Chase3 Karsten-&-Chase5 Karsten-&-Chase8 Karsten-&-Chase10 Karsten-&-Chase11

Erin | Graduation/Seniors

“We picked up our caps and gowns and all that senior stuff that’s supposed to help us remember the good ‘ole days, but some of the things that you remember most, can’t be put on paper… That day finally came, and you sat there with all the friends you had made over the years… you looked out at your family and deep down you knew that this was a once in a life time moment. It was the last time in your life that all these people would be together in one place. Yeah, there would be reunions but there was always the chance that one person wouldn’t make it there. You looked back on your time with these people and realized it was short lived and that it didn’t seem as if there was enough time for everything that you wanted to accomplish… sports, activities, SAT, ACT, and all that good stuff. They called your name, your tassel got turned, and you got a piece of paper that said that you were smart. Then you said goodbye… maybe to your town, and that school and your friends. You know that you can go back to visit, but there will be strangers in the halls and it’s not the same. It’s different, you’re different. But it’s not the end. In fact, everything is just beginning.”

Erin-cap-&-gown Erin-cap-&-gown1 Erin-cap-&-gown3 Erin-cap-&-gown5 Erin-dress-stairs Erin-dress-11 Erin-dress-4 Erin-dress-3 Erin-dress-2Erin-dress-9 Erin-dress-bw

I am so excited for your ‘beginning’ Erin… you’re gonna rock this world!!


Keegan | Creative

I am a visually inspired person and I enjoy the beauty of many other artists and after doing a photowalk in downtown Calgary with some new friends I found myself moved by Ashleigh’s excitement and incredible inspiration from the downtown architecture (check her out… Ashleigh Amber Moore). Her intention was to translate the uniqueness of the architecture to her jewelry designs. It’s that kind of inspiration that happens to me when I see a scene, an image or even a mood created by the uniqueness of the light.

Recently for my 365 Grateful project I set out to photograph the ripples of rain and ended up being pleasantly surprised by the unexpected beauty of the scene and I immediately had an image that I thought would work perfectly in this scene. As with many ideas that have come in the past I have not challenged myself to recreate usually for ridiculous reasons but my goal lately is to really explore. Happily and without reservation I chased the image in my head…

Watching the forecast and hoping for bright overcast skies and maybe even a touch of light rain I set out but those conditions were not happening instead I had bright sun.  When I arrived on location and unloaded my necessary gear instantly the light began to change… so I headed into the stream and set up quickly to catch the light that was coming around for me, the rain started to lightly fall and my lovely model (my darling daughter) happily immersed herself in the water. Thank goodness for warm temperatures and a slightly tepid stream (well once you’re in it anyway). Within a few frames I had the shot I set out to do.

Muddy feet and all my heart was happy and my model was too!!


Is a Boudoir Session for you? | Business

Boudoir photography involves creating intimate and romantic images of a woman, most commonly wearing lingerie. Boudoir is a French term that refers to a bedroom, which is the setting for these images. Having these photos made is a rising trend for today’s brides, being at one of the most beautiful times in their lives. Many brides give an album of these images to their fiance on the wedding day. Other women also give the gift of boudoir images to their boyfriends or husbands for anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays such as Valentine’s Day. Many women are also having the session done just for themselves.

My job  is to capture you in what you are comfortable wearing (a sexy robe, lingerie, boy shorts, thongs, corsets, fancy bras, stockings, heels, boots or maybe even your guy’s favorite team tee) and in the most flattering poses that fit your body type. As a photographer, there’s nothing more rewarding than making you leave your shoot feeling confident and sexy.  It’s all about you and your personality so we will talk and decide on what works best for you.

If a boudoir session interests you give me a call or send an email