Quinn Girls in the Fall | Okotoks and Area Photographer

We enjoyed an unseasonably warm and long fall… I’m sure this was the first year I have seen so much orange and red. With beautiful days like that who can resist getting out for a few photos. I spent the morning adventuring and exploring a new location with Dylann and then spent my afternoon enjoying a little quiet time with Devynn (although I’m sure Dylann would have rather hung out with us instead of the dentist).

It’s always fun to get out and play.

Ashton & Kylie | Children’s Session

These two are quite the duo. Watching them together I would say that Ashton is Kylie’s superhero… what he does, she does. She will even do her best to dress like him. The bond between them is fierce and I am sure will remain strong over the years, these two will be very close. It was great to be able to head out for a few photos without jackets in the middle of November and we certainly took advantage of the school holiday to capture a few photos.

Christie Family | Okotoks and Area Photographer

With the wet summer we had this year I was thrilled to be enjoying a beautiful fall. The leaves had a chance to really turn colors and offer that rewarding ‘crunch’ sound when you stroll through all the natural spaces about town. With fall arriving so does the desire to capture some fabulous family photos… a new update and something perfect for ordering those Christmas cards. I love that I get to see the Christie Family year after year and as always the boys are tough to keep up with but this year it was easier to get them in the same frame. The pooches came along too but being labs their focus was more on the water and happily being free rather than on leashes. It was a gorgeous day and a fabulous location.

The Sweetness of Olivia | Newborn Session

Olivia-Newborn-9-Jan-2016Olivia-Newborn-8-Jan-2016Olivia-Newborn-7-Jan-2016Olivia-Newborn-4-Jan-2016Olivia-Newborn-3-Jan-2016Olivia-Newborn-2-Jan-2016Olivia-Newborn-1-Jan-2016Olivia-Newborn-Jan-2016Olivia-Newborn-BW-Jan-2016I am always in awe and amazement at the miracle of life, that we could create such a perfect little being so tiny and precious. Life is beautiful that way.

I was happy to be able to meet Brad and Lucy’s wee little one, Olivia. It was also good to give a little lovin’ to Blaze, the family pooch too. Tiny Olivia was just the prettiest little thing, and such a good girl for her newborn session.

Jordyn’s visit | Babies and Family

I had the pleasure of meeting sweet little Jordyn and her family on a crisp day late in December. Her grandparents were visiting and a few photos were on the agenda. Such a sweet little treasure, even Pop (the pup) is happy to have a new little one in the house. Her parents are pretty smitten and she is equally in love. In her daddy’s arms is her happy place and in minutes she’s off to baby slumber.


Lucy & Brad | Maternity Mini Session

A few quick photos to mark an amazing moment because there is not much more amazing than being pregnant, on the cusp of welcoming a new, precious wee one into your life.

I was surprised to discover that I had met Lucy before, years before. She has grown into a beautiful woman and I could not be more happy that she has found a wonderful man and was about to embark on the joy of becoming a mother. One of the most difficult yet rewarding positions to hold. So very exciting.

There was a shyness for Lucy and Brad (there often is in front of the camera) but Blaze the beautiful black lab was plenty excited for the two of them!!


The Moraes Family at Big Hill Springs | Alberta Family Photographer

It’s been awhile since I last captured some photos for this beautiful family. Life has a way of keeping us busy as we ebb and flow through changes and growth. It was so wonderful to be met with beautiful smiles and enthusiastic children… made my heart swell immensely.

We ventured out to Big Hill Springs on the last warm weekend in November. Matthew is such a little gentleman, helping his Mumma down the wooden steps making sure she didn’t fall, always nearby to help his sister out. Grace is a total sweetie but the poor girl was struggling with a cough, good thing for brothers and blankets to snuggle up with.

I loved reconnecting, I loved the smiles.Moraes-Family-12-Nov-2015Moraes-Family-11-Nov-2015Moraes-Family-10-Nov-2015Moraes-Family-9-Nov-2015Moraes-Family-7-Nov-2015Moraes-Family-6-Nov-2015Moraes-Family-5-Nov-2015Moraes-Family-4-Nov-2015Moraes-Family-3-Nov-2015Moraes-Family-2-Nov-2015Moraes-Family-1-Nov-2015

Lenore & her boys | Family Session

My daughter talks to me often about breeds, cat breeds, horse breeds, dog breeds, it’s part of her education in studying to be a Vet. I knew that Lenore’s ‘pup’ was an Irish Wolfhound. Keegan and I talked often about him and Lenore had shared photos but Blarney was not just a big breed, but a BIG breed pooch. Growing at a pretty amazing rate and now at a year old he was as tall as Mason standing on 4 legs. I really wanted to capture the two of them together… Mason and his dog, Blarney. Trying to manage and photograph and young pooch in hard enough let alone on that has long legs and can make great strides in a short time and one who also has enough strength to drag Mason on the leash.

We met at an open space on a crisp but sunny morning. Chatted about the kind of photos I had envisioned and we would hope for the best, not wanting it to be stressful. We let Blarney explore a little, get comfy with where he was and then as we decided to give the leash to Mason, Lenore tried to help him to understand that if Blarney was to take off to just ‘LET GO’ of the leash. Blarney although still full of puppy spunk showed us some calmness and gave us a taste of the gentle giant that he will be in the years to come. Such a beautiful boy!

I love this wee little family.



Enjoying the Autumn Light | Children Session

I love seeing the world through the eyes of the littles in my care. I love seeing the light dance in their eyes, their little noses get a touch red and adventurous smiles.  I love outings with this little girl. I find myself giggling more, stopping more, enjoying more. I love the Autumn light.Dylann-2-Oct-2015Dylann-Oct-2015Dylann-1-Oct-2015

Tara & Mya Family Session | Okotoks Photographer

Sometimes its hard to make time or coordinate schedules to fit some family photos in. I was thrilled when Tara called suggesting that it was ‘time’. We have been working together creatively for a while now and Mya was feeling that they should have some photos done together. We found some beautiful light, trees and even chickens on a friends property. I discovered that Mya has a phobia of mice and any kind of creep crawlie things that might be lurking in a pile of leaves. It’s something I think about every time I see a pile of leaves now, especially ones that were raked some time ago. (Sorry Mya… I get ya now!) We even had fun taking selfies with the chicken!!  What a great evening.Tara-Watts-Family-18-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-17-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-15-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-14-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-13-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-11-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-10-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-8-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-7-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-5-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-4-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-3-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-2-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-1-Oct-2015