Ballerina Beauty | Okotoks and Area Photographer

I love when a creative idea grows to the point where I just need to get out there and try. The idea came as part of an Offbeat52 challenge where we were to submit images that were our own interpretation of the week’s theme. This particular week the theme was  #BetweenWorlds and as always up to our interpretation. My first thoughts were to put a classical orchestra in the forest but that provided so many challenges… the top being… where do I find an orchestra? I decided that maybe a ballerina in the forest would fit the theme nicely and it would be easier to find a ballerina… right? Kind of.

I put the word out on Social Media that I was looking to find a dancer, in particular a ballerina with pointe shoes and a tutu. There were a few tags of people and I reached out to all of them. I connected to this wonderful girl and her mumma. We chatted and pulled a quick session together in the fading fall light. So grateful that they were willing to come out and play.

I used one light (OCF) camera left. I enjoyed the practise and play. I still would have loved to put a small classical orchestra in the forest but this rocked too.

Maybe one day.


Out and About the Acreage

This past weekend I flew to Edmonton to spend a weekend with my folks and for my Dad and I to attend the Edmonton Photographic Tradeshow. Flying is certainly NOT my thing but that is another story for another time. I travel to Edmonton often as my daughter and two grandchildren live there but seldom do I dedicate time to spend with just my folks. I see them every time I am up but often the grandkids monopolize the time and the conversation and we feel the need to cram just a ton into a short few hours. So I was really looking forward to this opportunity. My Dad is the reason I became interested in photography and although he has moved to making videos, he still enjoys getting out there with his camera. I enjoy sharing this passion with him. So to dedicate some time for us and photography was simply perfection.

I arrived Friday night, spent the evening recovering from the flight and catching up. The tradeshow was Sunday so we had some time to poke about and take some snaps in the area, what better way to spend a gorgeous afternoon. Here’s a snippet of my perspective.

Acreage9 Acreage8 Acreage7 Acreage10 Acreage11 Acreage6 Acreage5 Acreage4 Acreage12 Acreage3 Acreage2

I made a purchase at the tradeshow and  upgraded my camera to a full frame and I’m pretty excited to get out shooting with it. Watch for some beautiful portraiture to come along in the next few days as I acquaint myself with my new camera.

Keegan | Creative

I am a visually inspired person and I enjoy the beauty of many other artists and after doing a photowalk in downtown Calgary with some new friends I found myself moved by Ashleigh’s excitement and incredible inspiration from the downtown architecture (check her out… Ashleigh Amber Moore). Her intention was to translate the uniqueness of the architecture to her jewelry designs. It’s that kind of inspiration that happens to me when I see a scene, an image or even a mood created by the uniqueness of the light.

Recently for my 365 Grateful project I set out to photograph the ripples of rain and ended up being pleasantly surprised by the unexpected beauty of the scene and I immediately had an image that I thought would work perfectly in this scene. As with many ideas that have come in the past I have not challenged myself to recreate usually for ridiculous reasons but my goal lately is to really explore. Happily and without reservation I chased the image in my head…

Watching the forecast and hoping for bright overcast skies and maybe even a touch of light rain I set out but those conditions were not happening instead I had bright sun.  When I arrived on location and unloaded my necessary gear instantly the light began to change… so I headed into the stream and set up quickly to catch the light that was coming around for me, the rain started to lightly fall and my lovely model (my darling daughter) happily immersed herself in the water. Thank goodness for warm temperatures and a slightly tepid stream (well once you’re in it anyway). Within a few frames I had the shot I set out to do.

Muddy feet and all my heart was happy and my model was too!!


Family Fun in a Box | Creative

With opportunities of my whole family being together becoming fewer and far between each time we all gather I intend to take some family photos.  I was hoping to do some outdoor ones but when Mother Nature decided that we weren’t quite done with winter and my daughter’s home have small spaces to work with I was grateful for this suggestion.  I had seen something like this on Pinterest and decided to find a box (harder than you might think), gather my family and see what we could come up with.  Once we got going the ideas kept on coming.  So much laughter, fun and giggles.  I am pretty happy with the results…

8 family members + 2 dogs + 1 box = countless ideas and oodles of laughter!!

I am incredibly grateful for ALL of this…


We also took enough photos to create one for my daughter of just her family!!