Delaney Grad Session| May 2015

To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don’t worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest.” ~ Napoleon Hill

This beautiful girl came into my life when she was just small. I became her ‘second’ mom as I cared for her while her parents worked. Typically shy and quiet much of her life, we enjoyed many fun and fabulous times together but as she reached the stage where she wanted to spread her wings more we spent less and less time together. We connected at family events and gatherings and then one day she was part of the adult conversations at those gatherings, part of the laughter, part of the sharing of life lessons… even contributing to those conversations.
She has grown into an incredible young woman. She is more outgoing, witty and charming. A smart girl with a good head on her shoulders. She has a plan and excited about what lies ahead. I could not be more proud of this beautiful woman.
Congratulations Delaney on your graduation!


Mick & Michelle’s Saskatoon Farm Wedding

Michelle is one of the most kindest people I have met. She wears her heart on her sleeve and it was evident how much she wanted her guests to enjoy themselves with so many special touches right down to ‘take home’ blankets to snuggle up and keep warm. Brilliant right? I loved all the bits of beauty and how every little detail was fussed over. Mick was just happy to see that his beautiful bride would be thrilled with everything coming together. He loves when she lights up with joy. I can see that planning this magical day was fun. A touch of color against the bright white. It was a beautiful day for a winter wedding and no better a venue than the Saskatoon Farm. The staff there are always so amazing. Life just couldn’t get any sweeter for these two than being surrounded by family and close friends to celebrate their wedded bliss. I am honored to be part of their day celebrating love.

Capturing my Grandkids | Children

Sometimes it just isn’t the right moment to be headed out to take photos and to actually get these two in the same frame is a daunting task… it’s been a long while since we set aside and ‘planned’ a photo shoot.

The red hat arrived at my door in a bag of hand-me-down and instantly a wanted to capture a certain beautiful freckle faced girl. I was sure she would look adorable with her strawberry blonde wild hair, beautiful eyes and all those gorgeous little freckles (they are definitely my favorite) remind me so much of her Mumma when she was small. I showed Ella the hat and the cute matching gloves and she was instantly hooked. My mission now was to convince her little brother, Elijah to join in the fun as well.

I packed up a bag of tricks and headed to a location I’ve shot at before and as we were heading out the thin cloud crept across the sky and I had the most perfect diffused light… YESSSSS!!!! Once we arrived I switched out Elijah’s coat and showed him the hat I brought along, ‘Can I wear that Grandma, it will make me so handsome?’ Well that was easy, really easy. We climbed down the bank to the little stream and both of them were just amazing to work with and we had so much fun and I have some fabulous updates for my wall.

These are a few of my favorite captures…

Ella-&-Elijah-Vintage-Hats-1-March-2015 Elijah-Hat-March-2015 Ella-Vintage-sassy-March-2015 Elijah-Hat-2-March-2015 Ella-Vintage-March-2015 Ella-&-Elijah-Vintage-Hats-2-March-2015 Ella-&-Elijah-Vintage-Stream-March-2015 Ella-&-Elijah-Vintage-Explore-March-2015

I’m not sure what he was whispering to her… but I sure love their sibling love right now. They arrived her last Friday and this week with them is just going by way to fast, waaaaay to fast!


Daddy’s Jersey | Children

I met this fabulous little family when their wee one was super tiny and new. There was much excitement about her pending arrival… first grandchild on both sides of the family… many were excited to meet and snuggle this sweet girl. I, of course, have been blessed too as our lives have become intertwined. This sweet girl brings the biggest smiles and best hugs!

Right from that first session we have included Daddy’s jersey of his favorite team… last year we even captured the family together in each of their jerseys (although I’m thinking Dylann will be needing a new jersey next year, not so sure she’s going to fit in hers). I was thrilled that we have been experiencing a milder than usual winter  this year and that we could capture the ‘annual’ birthday jersey photos outside at the Big Rock. A mild day with a slight breeze made for some wild and fun hair perfect for Dylann’s crazy amount of enthusiasm and fun. I absolutely enjoy photographing her.

Looking forward to some fun family photos in the spring.

Dylann-Jersey2-Feb-2015 Dylann-Jersey1-Feb-2015 Dylann-Jersey-Feb-2015 Dylann-Jersey6-Feb-2015 Dylann-Jersey7-Feb-2015 Dylann-Jersey4-Feb-2015 Dylann-Jersey5-Feb-2015

Lots has changed since last year… this girl has really grown and has a happy and fun personality.


Red Hat Love | Children Session

I recently acquired a beautiful red hat and instantly I could envision a sweet little girl with curls and mother nature has provided a beautiful and gentle winter. Add a ‘fur’ coat, a beloved American Girl doll (named Isabelle), a whole lot of giggles and we had all the necessary ingredients for a fabulous and fun session. Julie-Red-Hat-vintage3-Feb-2015 Julie-Red-Hat-vintage-Feb-2015 Julie-Red-Hat-vintage4-Feb-2015 Julie-Red-Hat-vintage1-Feb-2015 Julie-Red-Hat-Feb-2015

Celebrating 20 Years

We are quite the duo…

Love stock cars, racing and Sprint Cup (but not the same drivers)

Love dogs

Love camping, quadding and playing in the mud

Love sunsets and sunrises (in the winter season when he doesn’t have to get up so early)

Love adventures, hiking and the great outdoors

Love creating

Love car shows, swap meets and Street Machine Weekend

Love comedy, live theater and musicals

Love popcorn

Love the closeness of family and laughter of friends

Love life and…


We explored, experienced and enjoyed while we were out at Baker Creek. These 20 years have been so amazing and to take a moment to realize how much we have grown as a couple but also how much we have grown individually and the amazingness of how we celebrate and honor the things that make us who we are and encourage each other.  He is my very best friend and I am so excited to see where the next 20 years takes us.

Baker-Creek2 Baker-Creek13 Baker-Creek11 Baker-Creek28 Baker-Creek27 Baker-Creek9 Baker-Creek6 Baker-Creek10 Baker-Creek4 Baker-Creek8 Baker-Creek12 Baker-Creek14 Baker-Creek25

Lauren and Sheldon Tie the Knot | Weddings

It had been heavily overcast and quite gloomy with the days leading up to Lauren and Sheldon’s big day and there was a bit of scrambling to find some great indoor locations. Fast forward to last Saturday morning and I awoke to a wee glimpse of blue sky.  It was going to be an amazing day… and THAT it was.  Congratulations to such an awesome couple.

Lauren-&-Sheldon-3 Lauren-&-Sheldon-11 Lauren-&-Sheldon-12 Lauren-&-Sheldon-8 Lauren-&-Sheldon-9 Lauren-&-Sheldon-13 Lauren-&-Sheldon-10 Lauren-&-Sheldon-7 Lauren-&-Sheldon-17 Lauren-&-Sheldon-16 Lauren-&-Sheldon-18 Lauren-&-Sheldon-19 Lauren-&-Sheldon-6 Lauren-&-Sheldon-4 Lauren-&-Sheldon-29 Lauren-&-Sheldon-28 Lauren-&-Sheldon-24 Lauren-&-Sheldon-25 Lauren-&-Sheldon-23 Lauren-&-Sheldon-20 Lauren-&-Sheldon-14