Mick & Michelle’s Saskatoon Farm Wedding

Michelle is one of the most kindest people I have met. She wears her heart on her sleeve and it was evident how much she wanted her guests to enjoy themselves with so many special touches right down to ‘take home’ blankets to snuggle up and keep warm. Brilliant right? I loved all the bits of beauty and how every little detail was fussed over. Mick was just happy to see that his beautiful bride would be thrilled with everything coming together. He loves when she lights up with joy. I can see that planning this magical day was fun. A touch of color against the bright white. It was a beautiful day for a winter wedding and no better a venue than the Saskatoon Farm. The staff there are always so amazing. Life just couldn’t get any sweeter for these two than being surrounded by family and close friends to celebrate their wedded bliss. I am honored to be part of their day celebrating love.

Chelsey & David hit a home run | Weddings

I was stoked to learn that these two were ‘gettin’ hitched’. They are so much fun and so perfect together and wicked sports fanatics… true blue Steelers fans and serious ball players.  They chose a date for their wedding that would be long enough after playoffs that bruises would have healed… that’s dedication!!  Mother Nature decided to test the strength of these two by throwing a serious snowfall their way literally days before their outdoor wedding and then she even managed to pull off spectacular weather for the big day. Cliff side at the Saskatoon Farm, an dapper groom, stunning bride, adorable wee ones and not a dry eye in the house, indeed a most beautiful wedding. After a few photos around the farm we headed off for some bridal party fun at the Seaman Stadium, home of the Okotoks Dawgs ball team.

Congratulations Chelsey and David, it was a spectacular day!!

Chelsey-&-David-8 Chelsey-&-David-10 Chelsey-&-David-12 Chelsey-&-David-13 Chelsey-&-David-17 Chelsey-&-David-31 Chelsey-&-David-18 Chelsey-&-David-19 Chelsey-&-David-20 Chelsey-&-David-29 Chelsey-&-David-1 Chelsey-&-David-33 Chelsey-&-David Chelsey-&-David-27 Chelsey-&-David-22 Chelsey-&-David-32 Chelsey-&-David-30 Chelsey-&-David-24-bw Chelsey-&-David-26

Lauren and Sheldon Tie the Knot | Weddings

It had been heavily overcast and quite gloomy with the days leading up to Lauren and Sheldon’s big day and there was a bit of scrambling to find some great indoor locations. Fast forward to last Saturday morning and I awoke to a wee glimpse of blue sky.  It was going to be an amazing day… and THAT it was.  Congratulations to such an awesome couple.

Lauren-&-Sheldon-3 Lauren-&-Sheldon-11 Lauren-&-Sheldon-12 Lauren-&-Sheldon-8 Lauren-&-Sheldon-9 Lauren-&-Sheldon-13 Lauren-&-Sheldon-10 Lauren-&-Sheldon-7 Lauren-&-Sheldon-17 Lauren-&-Sheldon-16 Lauren-&-Sheldon-18 Lauren-&-Sheldon-19 Lauren-&-Sheldon-6 Lauren-&-Sheldon-4 Lauren-&-Sheldon-29 Lauren-&-Sheldon-28 Lauren-&-Sheldon-24 Lauren-&-Sheldon-25 Lauren-&-Sheldon-23 Lauren-&-Sheldon-20 Lauren-&-Sheldon-14

Vanessa & Dave Get Hitched | Weddings

Such a sweet couple.

We met up for coffee at Starbucks and hit it off quite easily. This was not going to be the typical all day wedding gig.

They were happy to have their own time in getting ready for the big event and when I arrived at the Bride’s place for a few captures of her and her girls before heading off to the church I was surprised to find a calm, centered and beautiful bride, quite simply enjoying the quiet of her morning. Typical of Vanessa’s demeanor most of the day. I met up with Dave and the boys at the church… all smiles… nervous but super excited the day had finally arrived.

It was a fabulous day with some pretty amazing people and as always great to get to know another family as I shared much laughter and conversation at the Groom’s family table. Congratulations Vanessa and Dave and I wish you all the best in this new chapter, from what I witnessed it’s been an amazing story so far.

Vanessa-&-Dave-2 Vanessa-&-Dave-1 Vanessa-&-Dave-5 Vanessa-&-Dave-6 Vanessa-&-Dave-7 Vanessa-&-Dave-9 Vanessa-&-Dave-12 Vanessa-&-Dave-13 Vanessa-&-Dave-11 Vanessa-&-Dave-14 Vanessa-&-Dave-15 Vanessa-&-Dave-8 Vanessa-&-Dave-4