Keegan & Chris | Calgary Photographer

Winter can be such magical season, especially when the sun shines and brightens up the day. It’s been cold this winter so when the weather came together on a weekend day when we could get out and adventure we took advantage of the moment. A walk for the dogs, a tailgate picnic, hot chocolate and oodles of laughter out at Elbow Falls.

Keegan and Chris adopted Bandit after being his medical foster. He was surrendered at a spay/neuter clinic in northern Alberta with a broken shoulder. When we first met him he was hurting and aggressive. AARCS looked after his shoulder and he was neutered at the same time. It was hard to keep him ‘quiet’ during his recovery. He just wanted to go, to run and play. He has an unbelievable personality, he can put on the charm, he can chill out and he can full on play. Such a good boy. He is so loved and equally loving too.

It was nice to get out and snap some photos, visit, walk and play.

Mick & Michelle’s Saskatoon Farm Wedding

Michelle is one of the most kindest people I have met. She wears her heart on her sleeve and it was evident how much she wanted her guests to enjoy themselves with so many special touches right down to ‘take home’ blankets to snuggle up and keep warm. Brilliant right? I loved all the bits of beauty and how every little detail was fussed over. Mick was just happy to see that his beautiful bride would be thrilled with everything coming together. He loves when she lights up with joy. I can see that planning this magical day was fun. A touch of color against the bright white. It was a beautiful day for a winter wedding and no better a venue than the Saskatoon Farm. The staff there are always so amazing. Life just couldn’t get any sweeter for these two than being surrounded by family and close friends to celebrate their wedded bliss. I am honored to be part of their day celebrating love.

Cedar Family | Calgary and Area Photographer

Often clients don’t realize that bright overcast days are beautiful days to photograph and light rain or just after a rain often offers some of the best opportunities for dramatic skies or rich vibrant color. So when the rain threatened our session I was super happy that this family was willing to bring along some umbrellas and go for it anyway. The rain had just let up and there was a bit of a fine mist in the air by the time we arrived at our location. Perfection!!

Thanks so much Cedar family for coming out to play.

Christie Family | Okotoks and Area Photographer

With the wet summer we had this year I was thrilled to be enjoying a beautiful fall. The leaves had a chance to really turn colors and offer that rewarding ‘crunch’ sound when you stroll through all the natural spaces about town. With fall arriving so does the desire to capture some fabulous family photos… a new update and something perfect for ordering those Christmas cards. I love that I get to see the Christie Family year after year and as always the boys are tough to keep up with but this year it was easier to get them in the same frame. The pooches came along too but being labs their focus was more on the water and happily being free rather than on leashes. It was a gorgeous day and a fabulous location.

Best. Christmas. Ever. | Personal

Ages ago when my children were small and deep in the ‘I want…’ part of Christmas I have longed to teach them the gift of giving, not just something from the store, a gift from the heart or maybe a gift from their own hands because for me those were the most precious of all. I come to learn that over time my kids did understand what I was trying to teach them and soon my heart (and home) began to fill up with drawings, words of kindness, messages of love, treats and these beautiful acts of kindness to make my life easier (well… sometimes it was the intention).

All my Christmases have been amazing… and always because my family was together. For me that has become the most important gift and having recently become empty nesters this year was especially meaningful.

I said I wasn’t going to buy any gifts this year except for the grandkids but in fact we all gave the best gift this Christmas… Time together and we all enjoyed in a beautiful cabin in Windermere. Late nights, card games, puzzles, tubing, hot springs, boot scooting on the ice, movies, pool games, ping pong, delicious food, photos and oodles of laughter. Best ever!!!

These are some of my favorites of our time away…

Christmas-at-the-Cabin-2014 Christmas-at-the-Cabin1-2014 Christmas-Holiday10-2014 Christmas-Holiday11-2014 Christmas-Holiday12-2014 Christmas-Day-2014 Christmas-Holiday14-2014 Christmas-Holiday15-2014 Christmas-Holiday17-2014 Christmas-Holiday16-2014 Christmas-Holiday18-2014 Christmas-Holiday30-2014 Christmas-Holiday31-2014 Christmas-Holiday21-2014 Christmas-Holiday28-2014 Christmas-Holiday29-2014 Christmas-Holiday24-2014 Christmas-Holiday23-2014 Christmas-Holiday27-2014 Christmas-Holiday22-2014 Christmas-Holiday20-2014 Christmas-Holiday19-2014 Christmas-Holiday39-2014 Christmas-Holiday38-2014 Christmas-Holiday37-2014 Christmas-Holiday36-2014 Christmas-Holiday35-2014 Christmas-Holiday34-2014 Christmas-Holiday33-2014 Christmas-Holiday32-2014 Christmas-Holiday4-2014 Christmas-Holiday2-2014 Christmas-Holiday3-2014 Christmas-Holiday6-2014 Christmas-Holiday5-2014 Christmas-Holiday9-2014 Christmas-Holiday-2014