Delaney Grad Session| May 2015

To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don’t worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest.” ~ Napoleon Hill

This beautiful girl came into my life when she was just small. I became her ‘second’ mom as I cared for her while her parents worked. Typically shy and quiet much of her life, we enjoyed many fun and fabulous times together but as she reached the stage where she wanted to spread her wings more we spent less and less time together. We connected at family events and gatherings and then one day she was part of the adult conversations at those gatherings, part of the laughter, part of the sharing of life lessons… even contributing to those conversations.
She has grown into an incredible young woman. She is more outgoing, witty and charming. A smart girl with a good head on her shoulders. She has a plan and excited about what lies ahead. I could not be more proud of this beautiful woman.
Congratulations Delaney on your graduation!


Keegan & Chris | Calgary Photographer

Winter can be such magical season, especially when the sun shines and brightens up the day. It’s been cold this winter so when the weather came together on a weekend day when we could get out and adventure we took advantage of the moment. A walk for the dogs, a tailgate picnic, hot chocolate and oodles of laughter out at Elbow Falls.

Keegan and Chris adopted Bandit after being his medical foster. He was surrendered at a spay/neuter clinic in northern Alberta with a broken shoulder. When we first met him he was hurting and aggressive. AARCS looked after his shoulder and he was neutered at the same time. It was hard to keep him ‘quiet’ during his recovery. He just wanted to go, to run and play. He has an unbelievable personality, he can put on the charm, he can chill out and he can full on play. Such a good boy. He is so loved and equally loving too.

It was nice to get out and snap some photos, visit, walk and play.

Betts Family | Calgary Family Photographer

Loving a military man is one of those always-frustrating, not-as-romantic-as-it-sounds, don’t-get-it-unless-you’ve-lived-it, indescribably-perfect kinds of love.

Jason has given nearly 10 years of his life to the military and we are so incredibly proud of the man that he is, the man he grew to become, the amazing man who has loved our daughter with every inch of his heart and the man who is an incredible dad to our grandchildren. Life has it’s ups and down, twists and turns but together this duo can accomplish any thing.

It’s difficult to capture this family, we don’t see each other often enough, and it’s especially difficult on a cold December day but the kids we troopers despite how cold it was and I am so grateful.

Quinn Girls in the Fall | Okotoks and Area Photographer

We enjoyed an unseasonably warm and long fall… I’m sure this was the first year I have seen so much orange and red. With beautiful days like that who can resist getting out for a few photos. I spent the morning adventuring and exploring a new location with Dylann and then spent my afternoon enjoying a little quiet time with Devynn (although I’m sure Dylann would have rather hung out with us instead of the dentist).

It’s always fun to get out and play.

Cedar Family | Calgary and Area Photographer

Often clients don’t realize that bright overcast days are beautiful days to photograph and light rain or just after a rain often offers some of the best opportunities for dramatic skies or rich vibrant color. So when the rain threatened our session I was super happy that this family was willing to bring along some umbrellas and go for it anyway. The rain had just let up and there was a bit of a fine mist in the air by the time we arrived at our location. Perfection!!

Thanks so much Cedar family for coming out to play.

The Christie’s at Christmas | Family Session

It was that time, time to gather together to create an image for this years Christmas cards. It’s always a whole lot of fun to get together with these guys. Never a dull moment with the boys and equally stoked to capture the family dogs this time too.





Tara & Mya Family Session | Okotoks Photographer

Sometimes its hard to make time or coordinate schedules to fit some family photos in. I was thrilled when Tara called suggesting that it was ‘time’. We have been working together creatively for a while now and Mya was feeling that they should have some photos done together. We found some beautiful light, trees and even chickens on a friends property. I discovered that Mya has a phobia of mice and any kind of creep crawlie things that might be lurking in a pile of leaves. It’s something I think about every time I see a pile of leaves now, especially ones that were raked some time ago. (Sorry Mya… I get ya now!) We even had fun taking selfies with the chicken!!  What a great evening.Tara-Watts-Family-18-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-17-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-15-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-14-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-13-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-11-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-10-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-8-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-7-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-5-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-4-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-3-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-2-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-1-Oct-2015

The Cameron’s | Family Session

A grandmother’s love is an amazing thing.

Typically we are invested in worry and concern as we raise our own children, making sure they have every opportunity available to them, making sure they are relatively unhurt (minimal broken bones), making sure they are loved (even if that’s through a little tough love discipline) and we focus to get them to the starting point of life on their own… most moments treasured and sometimes there are a few that ended up missed along the way. Becoming a grandparent they investment is pure joy… we’ve already gained the wisdom of raising children that we just focus on being in every moment and loving every minute.

Donna’s grandchildren are both near and far so when everyone gathered together this summer I was grateful to capture a few photos of her beautiful family.

Love is indeed an amazing thing.

Cameron-Extended-Family-2-August-2015 Cameron-Extended-Family-3-August-2015 Cameron-Extended-Family-9-August-2015 Cameron-Extended-Family-4-August-2015 Cameron-Extended-Family-1-August-2015 Cameron-Extended-Family-7-August-2015 Cameron-Extended-Family-5-August-2015 Cameron-Extended-Family-6-August-2015 Cameron-Extended-Family-8-August-2015

Ron & Shauna’s Intimate Wedding | Calgary & Area Wedding Photographer

I was disappointed that I could not attend my brother, Ron’s wedding ceremony that would happen on the beautiful beaches of Mexico. A beautiful place for a union… a union between two wonderful people… two people who deserve an abundance of happiness. I was incredibly grateful when they asked me to capture a few moments of their intimate ceremony back home. I have some favorite moments of the afternoon that started with my bro doing up his beautiful brides wedding dress to the impromptu dancing and getting our groove on and the deliciously smoked pork that filled our bellies. It was a beautiful day despite the cool weather and overcast skies, a beautiful ceremony in the heart of their home surrounded with love.

Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-20 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-2 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-1 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-Sophie Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-11 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-10 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-6 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-9 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-14 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-13 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-12 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-17 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-16 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-18 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-7Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-19 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-8 Ron-&-Shauna-Dance-1-June-2015 Ron-&-Shauna-Dance-June-2015

Jensen & Kennedy Senior-Family Session | Calgary and Area Photographer

This was a huge group of beautiful people, warm smiles, humor and a lot of history together. These two families have been friends a long time and celebrate yet another milestone… graduation. It was awesome to meet you all.

Congratulations to Jensen and Kennedy on your graduation…

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”
— Henry David Thoreau

Warnock-&-Young-Grad-4-May-2015 Warnock-&-Young-Grad-11-May-2015 Warnock-&-Young-Grad-8-May-2015 Warnock-&-Young-Grad-10-May-2015 Warnock-&-Young-Grad-9-May-2015 Warnock-&-Young-Grad-5-May-2015 Warnock-&-Young-Grad-7-May-2015 Warnock-&-Young-Grad-6-May-2015 Warnock-&-Young-Grad-12-May-2015