Quinn Girls in the Fall | Okotoks and Area Photographer

We enjoyed an unseasonably warm and long fall… I’m sure this was the first year I have seen so much orange and red. With beautiful days like that who can resist getting out for a few photos. I spent the morning adventuring and exploring a new location with Dylann and then spent my afternoon enjoying a little quiet time with Devynn (although I’m sure Dylann would have rather hung out with us instead of the dentist).

It’s always fun to get out and play.

Ballerina Beauty | Okotoks and Area Photographer

I love when a creative idea grows to the point where I just need to get out there and try. The idea came as part of an Offbeat52 challenge where we were to submit images that were our own interpretation of the week’s theme. This particular week the theme was  #BetweenWorlds and as always up to our interpretation. My first thoughts were to put a classical orchestra in the forest but that provided so many challenges… the top being… where do I find an orchestra? I decided that maybe a ballerina in the forest would fit the theme nicely and it would be easier to find a ballerina… right? Kind of.

I put the word out on Social Media that I was looking to find a dancer, in particular a ballerina with pointe shoes and a tutu. There were a few tags of people and I reached out to all of them. I connected to this wonderful girl and her mumma. We chatted and pulled a quick session together in the fading fall light. So grateful that they were willing to come out and play.

I used one light (OCF) camera left. I enjoyed the practise and play. I still would have loved to put a small classical orchestra in the forest but this rocked too.

Maybe one day.


Cedar Family | Calgary and Area Photographer

Often clients don’t realize that bright overcast days are beautiful days to photograph and light rain or just after a rain often offers some of the best opportunities for dramatic skies or rich vibrant color. So when the rain threatened our session I was super happy that this family was willing to bring along some umbrellas and go for it anyway. The rain had just let up and there was a bit of a fine mist in the air by the time we arrived at our location. Perfection!!

Thanks so much Cedar family for coming out to play.

Christie Family | Okotoks and Area Photographer

With the wet summer we had this year I was thrilled to be enjoying a beautiful fall. The leaves had a chance to really turn colors and offer that rewarding ‘crunch’ sound when you stroll through all the natural spaces about town. With fall arriving so does the desire to capture some fabulous family photos… a new update and something perfect for ordering those Christmas cards. I love that I get to see the Christie Family year after year and as always the boys are tough to keep up with but this year it was easier to get them in the same frame. The pooches came along too but being labs their focus was more on the water and happily being free rather than on leashes. It was a gorgeous day and a fabulous location.

‘Best’ Pups Around | Fall Family Session

I loved meeting these two beautiful black labs. Maylor is 3 years old and Raveyn is just 3 months old. Bundles of trouble and fun… Maylor is a hunting dog and listens to instruction incredibly well. While we were out back behind their home some people came strolling by with their dogs, with a quick catch of Raveyn and a grab of Maylor’s toy there was no risk of having to catch runaways. My own two pooches are getting on in years and it was so fun to enjoy the pup playfulness.

Tammy-Best-&-dogs-14 Tammy-Best-&-dogs-11 Tammy-Best-&-dogs-9 Tammy-Best-&-dogs-7 Tammy-Best-&-dogs Tammy-Best-&-dogs-4 Tammy-Best-&-dogs-3 Tammy-Best-&-dogs-2 Tammy-Best-&-dogs-15

Carrie & Ryan | Engagement Session

Carrie is the sweetest of souls and always doing something for someone else. I am so excited that she has met such a wonderful guy in Ryan. They are so happy together and such a perfect fit. I am looking very forward to when the two of them will tie the knot next year. We scooped a little time together out at Carburn Park in Calgary before all the leaves dropped, a beautiful backdrop for two awesome people. I am so happy for you both.

Carrie-&-Ryan-Engagement-13-Sept-2015 Carrie-&-Ryan-Engagement-12-Sept-2015 Carrie-&-Ryan-Engagement-11-Sept-2015 Carrie-&-Ryan-Engagement-8-Sept-2015 Carrie-&-Ryan-Engagement-7-Sept-2015 Carrie-&-Ryan-Engagement-5-Sept-2015 Carrie-&-Ryan-Engagement-3-Sept-2015 Carrie-&-Ryan-Engagement-4-Sept-2015 Carrie-&-Ryan-Engagement-Sept-2015