Keegan & Chris… Young Love | Couples Session

In my previous blog post I had mentioned that I was really hoping for a thunder shower at the location I was shooting a boudoir session… well the sky was really showing some potential so I texted my daughter and asked her to stop at the house grab a few items and meet me where I was currently shooting. By the time she arrived and visiting happened with the property owner the crazy threatening sky turned a beautiful blue and the sunshine came out to play. So we changed gears and snapped a few photos of my girl and her guy…

I think we made the most of the moment. Lots of laughs too.

Keegan-&-Chris-1-Sept-2015 Keegan-&-Chris-8-Sept-2015 Keegan-&-Chris-2-Sept-2015 Keegan-&-Chris-3-Sept-2015 Keegan-&-Chris-4-Sept-2015 Keegan-&-Chris-5-Sept-2015 Keegan-&-Chris-6-Sept-2015 Keegan-&-Chris-9-Sept-2015 Keegan-&-Chris-10-Sept-2015

Ryane at 29 | Calgary & Area Photographer

Since the arrival of my grandchildren, we always take time to make sure we get together for their birthdays but not too often do I catch Ryane and Jason’s birthdays. This year we were lucky to have them come for a visit… and I made a point to capture some photos of her at 29.

Ryane-at-29-11-May-2015 Ryane-at-29-10-May-2015 Ryane-at-29-9-May-2015 Ryane-at-29-8-May-2015 Ryane-at-29-Ella-May-2015 Ryane-at-29-Eli-May-2015 Ryane-at-29-7-May-2015 Ryane-at-29-6-May-2015 Ryane-at-29-4-May-2015 Ryane-at-29-3-May-2015 Ryane-at-29-2-May-2015

Keegan’s Graduation, Olds College | Personal

Sometimes I still find it hard to decide what I would like to be when I grow up.  Lol

Keegan on the other hand know what she’d like to do… she’d like to work with animals and her goal was to get into the Animal Health Technician Program at Olds College but she missed the deadline with her application and rather than take a year off she decided that the perfect compliment to the AHT Program would be the 1 year VMR (Veterinary Medicine Receptionist) Program. Today she graduated honors with distinction. I could not be more proud. She maintained a GPA that granted her a seat in the AHT Program this fall.

Way to go Keegan!!

Keegan-OCGrad2015 Keegan-OCGrad2015-8 Keegan-OCGrad2015-7 Keegan-OCGrad2015-2 Keegan-OCGrad2015-9 Keegan-OCGrad2015-6 Keegan-OCGrad2015-10 Keegan-OCGrad2015-5 Keegan-OCGrad2015-4 Keegan-OCGrad2015-1 Keegan-OCGrad2015-3

Cat Creek Falls in her Frozen Glory

Needing a day to get out and breathe in the crisp cool air, a day to venture out with my camera, a day to recharge my batteries and top up the soul with Mother Nature goodness.

My daughter and I ventured off to see if the wildlife gate was still open to Cat Creek Falls and to see if we could catch a glimpse of her frozen beauty. Camera gear packed, coffee in our mugs, breakfast in our bellies and snack in the bag we headed out. Greeted at the gate by the mountain goats who were busy licking salt off the road we were excited to discover that the closure date is December 1st (not November 15th as I had thought possible).

Taking note of the number of trucks along the side of the road we could see it was indeed hunting season. We’d certainly be sticking to our plan, a hike in and out, try to stay dry and take photos. Mission accomplished.

Cat-Creek-Falls-frozen Cat-Creek-Falls-frozen9 Cat-Creek-Falls-frozen6 Cat-Creek-Falls-frozen8 Cat-Creek-Falls-frozen5 Cat-Creek-Falls-frozen4 Cat-Creek-Falls-frozen3 Cat-Creek-Falls-frozen2 Cat-Creek-Falls-frozen1 Cat-Creek-Falls-frozen--Eryie-Gap3 Cat-Creek-Falls-frozen--Eryie-Gap2