Milk Bath Maternity Session

When this mumma-to-be and I started chatting about what she might be looking for in her maternity session I was thrilled when she asked about trying a milk bath. I have seen some really beautiful images but I’ve not been courageous enough to suggest the idea. I do not have a tub fitting for this style of shoot and that’s a critical element to the success of this style of session. We talked about the key elements and she assured me she had the tub for this shoot (she even sent along a photo).

So knowing that we needed to use fresh flowers, the tub was perfect and I thought I might need to do both powedered and whole milk… we were all set. A beautiful belly,  lukewarm tub, a little natural light management and the photos are awesome!!!

See for yourself…


We’ll give the milk bath another go after this sweet babe arrives!!!

Eeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk…. so excited!!!!

Keegan & Chris | Calgary Photographer

Winter can be such magical season, especially when the sun shines and brightens up the day. It’s been cold this winter so when the weather came together on a weekend day when we could get out and adventure we took advantage of the moment. A walk for the dogs, a tailgate picnic, hot chocolate and oodles of laughter out at Elbow Falls.

Keegan and Chris adopted Bandit after being his medical foster. He was surrendered at a spay/neuter clinic in northern Alberta with a broken shoulder. When we first met him he was hurting and aggressive. AARCS looked after his shoulder and he was neutered at the same time. It was hard to keep him ‘quiet’ during his recovery. He just wanted to go, to run and play. He has an unbelievable personality, he can put on the charm, he can chill out and he can full on play. Such a good boy. He is so loved and equally loving too.

It was nice to get out and snap some photos, visit, walk and play.

Betts Family | Calgary Family Photographer

Loving a military man is one of those always-frustrating, not-as-romantic-as-it-sounds, don’t-get-it-unless-you’ve-lived-it, indescribably-perfect kinds of love.

Jason has given nearly 10 years of his life to the military and we are so incredibly proud of the man that he is, the man he grew to become, the amazing man who has loved our daughter with every inch of his heart and the man who is an incredible dad to our grandchildren. Life has it’s ups and down, twists and turns but together this duo can accomplish any thing.

It’s difficult to capture this family, we don’t see each other often enough, and it’s especially difficult on a cold December day but the kids we troopers despite how cold it was and I am so grateful.

Quinn Girls in the Fall | Okotoks and Area Photographer

We enjoyed an unseasonably warm and long fall… I’m sure this was the first year I have seen so much orange and red. With beautiful days like that who can resist getting out for a few photos. I spent the morning adventuring and exploring a new location with Dylann and then spent my afternoon enjoying a little quiet time with Devynn (although I’m sure Dylann would have rather hung out with us instead of the dentist).

It’s always fun to get out and play.

Ballerina Beauty | Okotoks and Area Photographer

I love when a creative idea grows to the point where I just need to get out there and try. The idea came as part of an Offbeat52 challenge where we were to submit images that were our own interpretation of the week’s theme. This particular week the theme was  #BetweenWorlds and as always up to our interpretation. My first thoughts were to put a classical orchestra in the forest but that provided so many challenges… the top being… where do I find an orchestra? I decided that maybe a ballerina in the forest would fit the theme nicely and it would be easier to find a ballerina… right? Kind of.

I put the word out on Social Media that I was looking to find a dancer, in particular a ballerina with pointe shoes and a tutu. There were a few tags of people and I reached out to all of them. I connected to this wonderful girl and her mumma. We chatted and pulled a quick session together in the fading fall light. So grateful that they were willing to come out and play.

I used one light (OCF) camera left. I enjoyed the practise and play. I still would have loved to put a small classical orchestra in the forest but this rocked too.

Maybe one day.


Fish Creek Maternity Session


The weather has been hot, the hottest we’ve had in years so to plan a session later into the evening was brilliant for this mumma-to-be. Lauren and Sheldon are full of kindness and have this selfless love and could not be more excited for their new little bundle. This sweet little girl is going to be so, so loved.

We had hoped that the temperatures would cool enough to be comfortable but not too cool that we would be combatting mosquitoes especially since after taking some photos in their house and the baby’s nursery we ventured out to Fish Creek Park and chose a location close to the river. The evening light was so magical.


Sweet Little Mr. Johnston

I was so excited when I received a message from this lovely mumma about wanting to book a small session…  ‘I would like just a few photos of my son as a newborn’. I was excited for a couple of reasons; this mumma who isn’t really a fan of having her photograph taken still wanted to ‘record’ this time in her son’s life, to capture when he was so small and tiny and this would be my first newborn little boy!

This session was photographed on location in their home. I find it so much easier for new parents to be in their own space, they are more relaxed and have everything they could possibly need for baby. We talked about color palette options and the style of images ahead of time and chose a nice bright location of the house. Little Maddux wasn’t totally sleepy when I arrived, we tried to get him settle without being held but he had different plans. After a feeding he was ‘milk drunk’ and happy to settle in for his quick little session.

I am incredibly grateful that mum and dad were easily talked into a few images that included them… it was so wonderful to meet this ‘Little Man’. I look forward to a few family photos as he grows.