When My Family Gathers | Personal

When we were all younger ‘keeping up’ seemed like the name of the game. Running kids here, volunteering for that, date nights, family game nights, school activities, Main Stage, riding lessons, friend visits, camping, holidays… often we were exhausted but happy. Okay, most of the time we were happy. Raising children is an immense job and although there are moments when you wonder or question (depending on what stage you are at in your own parenting) it is highly rewarding.

We all have our moments… I had my moments, I still have them now and then but I just don’t seem to make them so grandiose anymore. I have been doing some growing up too. Now that my children are all pretty much moved out and living their lives I find the moments when they are home some of my most favorite times.

I can guarantee that we all seem to be together for the big holidays and events. Thanksgiving, Christmas, graduations, and for the August birthday celebrations. So this year when we all finally gathered together I made sure we acknowledged the event with a family photo. Set up the tripod, rounded up all the participants (dogs included) and even recruited a girlfriend to man the shutter button.



Left to right (back): Chris Cielen, Keegan, Dale, me, Ryane and Jason (front) Taylor, Keeko, Chelsea , Elijah and Ella.

Alyssa and Brad | Couples Session

When I first was contacted by Alyssa via email my first impression was that she was a gentle soul who really seemed to know what she wanted. Very polite. She was asking for a session that would land in the middle of my family time during Christmas. It would only be a quick session and I had now found myself really wanting to met this lovely gal.

Brad and Alyssa have been together for a long time (longer than most their age) and the two of them would be celebrating their 5th ‘Anniversary’ mid December. They were looking to commemorate the occasion with a photo session. What is truly remarkable is that the past two years they have been making the ‘long distance’ trek with Brad attending school more than two provinces away. I was more than happy to help them celebrate this particular anniversary with photos and to work within a tight time frame during the busiest time… Christmas time.

We both had hoped that the weather would work out in our favor considering it would be late December and a desire for an outdoor session. Mother Nature was kind, sunshine and reasonable temperatures truly a perfect day for exploring Fish Creek Park.

Both were such wonderful people, I did have a whole lot of fun and it was easy for them to immerse themselves into each other. Simply perfect!

Young love, their love… certainly a beautiful thing.



Nicole & Ricky | Maternity Session

Pregnancy is a rare and fleeting time in your life. Your body is transformed in beautiful ways to reflect the growing life within. The excitement of becoming a mother, of becoming parents. Nicole and Ricky were certainly getting quite excited to meet their new little bundle of joy. I was honored that the two of them decided to make the trek to my neck of the woods for their maternity session… outside in the snow!!

We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon filled with sunshine, cold noses and layers of sweaters. I was overjoyed that they were looking for some outdoor images and both were quite happy to play in the snow.


The Moraes Family at Big Hill Springs | Alberta Family Photographer

It’s been awhile since I last captured some photos for this beautiful family. Life has a way of keeping us busy as we ebb and flow through changes and growth. It was so wonderful to be met with beautiful smiles and enthusiastic children… made my heart swell immensely.

We ventured out to Big Hill Springs on the last warm weekend in November. Matthew is such a little gentleman, helping his Mumma down the wooden steps making sure she didn’t fall, always nearby to help his sister out. Grace is a total sweetie but the poor girl was struggling with a cough, good thing for brothers and blankets to snuggle up with.

I loved reconnecting, I loved the smiles.Moraes-Family-12-Nov-2015Moraes-Family-11-Nov-2015Moraes-Family-10-Nov-2015Moraes-Family-9-Nov-2015Moraes-Family-7-Nov-2015Moraes-Family-6-Nov-2015Moraes-Family-5-Nov-2015Moraes-Family-4-Nov-2015Moraes-Family-3-Nov-2015Moraes-Family-2-Nov-2015Moraes-Family-1-Nov-2015

Enjoying the Autumn Light | Children Session

I love seeing the world through the eyes of the littles in my care. I love seeing the light dance in their eyes, their little noses get a touch red and adventurous smiles.  I love outings with this little girl. I find myself giggling more, stopping more, enjoying more. I love the Autumn light.Dylann-2-Oct-2015Dylann-Oct-2015Dylann-1-Oct-2015

Getting in the Creative Flow | Growing Session

Spending time with a creative hairstylist is a bit like having every single tab open in Windows. There is just so much going on and I like to just hang on for the ride and go with it. Tara introduced Shea and I to Gillian (turns out I already met Gillian once before) and we spent the morning hanging out getting to know each other while hair was teased and make up applied. Gillian looked great  and then it was my turn and I still find myself feeling quite reserved in this realm of posing. By the time I get all settled in the session is over and we are packing up to head home. It’s this creative area where I would love more practise, especially with communication and just to allow the image to evolve rather than worry about making sure I get a photo of this and a photo of that for everyone else. It’s time to really expand… maybe it’s my turn to plan a creative session.

I am incredibly grateful to Gillian for opening up her home and herself to our whims and allowing her inner goddess to come out and play.


Baker Creek Tradition

We have been visiting Baker Creek for a long while now and although it is a very favorite place of ours to get away to we did decide that it was time to explore new country and create another ‘new’ favorite place. For our last visit we had some goals… a hike up to the Lake Agnes Tea House from Lake Louise and dinner at the Primrose Restaurant at the Rimrock Hotel in Banff and who better to share our last stay with, Kelsey and Cassandra. We had a total blast. Baker-Creek-Weekend-23-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-22-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-20-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-198-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-17-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-15-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-12-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-11-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-10-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-7-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-6-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-4-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-2-Oct-2015