The Sweetness of Olivia | Newborn Session

Olivia-Newborn-9-Jan-2016Olivia-Newborn-8-Jan-2016Olivia-Newborn-7-Jan-2016Olivia-Newborn-4-Jan-2016Olivia-Newborn-3-Jan-2016Olivia-Newborn-2-Jan-2016Olivia-Newborn-1-Jan-2016Olivia-Newborn-Jan-2016Olivia-Newborn-BW-Jan-2016I am always in awe and amazement at the miracle of life, that we could create such a perfect little being so tiny and precious. Life is beautiful that way.

I was happy to be able to meet Brad and Lucy’s wee little one, Olivia. It was also good to give a little lovin’ to Blaze, the family pooch too. Tiny Olivia was just the prettiest little thing, and such a good girl for her newborn session.

Sweet and precious Isobelle | Newborn Session

Such a beautiful way to welcome the year… a tiny and precious wee baby girl.

Miss Isobelle was so good as we rearranged her house to make space for photographing her in all her newness. She slept nearly the entire afternoon. There is nothing more precious than the smell and warmth of a brand new baby and I was incredibly blessed to soak up as much snuggles as I could during my time there.

The pooches, Lola and Juno, were still a little unsure about this new little bundle that arrived on the cusp of Lola having to say goodbye to her last pup. There was still a sadness but I know that in a short time there will be a new sense of parenting as the two grow attached to Isobelle.

Such a beautiful and sweet girl.

Congratulations Nicole and Ricky.



Daddy’s Jersey | Children

I met this fabulous little family when their wee one was super tiny and new. There was much excitement about her pending arrival… first grandchild on both sides of the family… many were excited to meet and snuggle this sweet girl. I, of course, have been blessed too as our lives have become intertwined. This sweet girl brings the biggest smiles and best hugs!

Right from that first session we have included Daddy’s jersey of his favorite team… last year we even captured the family together in each of their jerseys (although I’m thinking Dylann will be needing a new jersey next year, not so sure she’s going to fit in hers). I was thrilled that we have been experiencing a milder than usual winter  this year and that we could capture the ‘annual’ birthday jersey photos outside at the Big Rock. A mild day with a slight breeze made for some wild and fun hair perfect for Dylann’s crazy amount of enthusiasm and fun. I absolutely enjoy photographing her.

Looking forward to some fun family photos in the spring.

Dylann-Jersey2-Feb-2015 Dylann-Jersey1-Feb-2015 Dylann-Jersey-Feb-2015 Dylann-Jersey6-Feb-2015 Dylann-Jersey7-Feb-2015 Dylann-Jersey4-Feb-2015 Dylann-Jersey5-Feb-2015

Lots has changed since last year… this girl has really grown and has a happy and fun personality.


Sweet Emmy Comes to Visit | Babies

It was great to help a friend out when she needed a sitter for her wee little Emmy.  I was more than happy to enjoy some wee snuggles, tiny baby cooing and even squeeze in a few photos too. So stoked to be able to try out all the crocheted goodness that my oldest daughter had made for me. Emmy rocked it all and I can’t wait for my date with tiny Emily (and her beautiful family) soon…

Baby-Emmy Baby-Emmy2 Baby-Emmy3 Baby-Emmy4 Baby-Emmy5 Baby-Emmy6 Baby-Emmy7