Quinn Girls in the Fall | Okotoks and Area Photographer

We enjoyed an unseasonably warm and long fall… I’m sure this was the first year I have seen so much orange and red. With beautiful days like that who can resist getting out for a few photos. I spent the morning adventuring and exploring a new location with Dylann and then spent my afternoon enjoying a little quiet time with Devynn (although I’m sure Dylann would have rather hung out with us instead of the dentist).

It’s always fun to get out and play.

Maui Adventures | Personal

I’ve always said…

“Good things happen to good people”

I’ve just never consider myself part of that category, I’m always talking about someone else when I use the phrase and there are many good people in my life.

It was difficult at first to accept such a gift but the excitement grew on the two of us quickly and in no time we were looking through traveling guides and planning things to do on our 10 day trip to Maui, Hawaii. So many recommendations and only so much time. We decided to not book any excursions ahead and just go with the flow when we arrived.

The first big hurdle was the flight… and I more than survived!! I even held my ‘cookies’.

Maui was unlike anything I had ever imagined from the open air airport to palm trees to beautiful views everywhere I looked. It was just so much to take in and utterly surreal. Every day was full of adventure, beauty and awe.

We started our trip of with a Flytographer Photo Shoot at Po’olenalena Beach and the lovely Erin Lodi. That was an awesome experience in itself, so much fun and laughter, especially when we were overtaken by a wave that almost took Erin’s off camera flash too. We set our alarm for 3:00 AM to visit the Haleakala Crater at sunrise (8 C) to experience the amazing ritual as the sun came up over the cloud line. The greeting song  shared with hundreds of people… incredible. We explored the swap meet at the University and found all kinds of cool treasures to bring home. Explored the Maui Ocean Center, checked out the Dragon’s Teeth, Nakalele Blow Hole and enjoyed the one lane roads through Honokoua in search of the Best Banana Bread Shack in the world. Saw countless beaches… but specifically sought out Black Sand Beach and Red Sand Beach. We walked Big Sand Beach in Makena State Park to discover Secret Cove and played in the ocean. Every evening was an amazing sunset enjoyed at Kama’ole Beach right across from the condo. We traveled the Road to Hana (all the way around… 11 hours) with countless stops to see all kinds of beautiful water falls, lava tubes, quaint villages, Red Sand Beach, old churches, an old taxi, Seven Sacred Pools and finished out the trip with a stop at the winery sampling the fruits of their labor. We tried snorkeling, dined at several restaurants, enjoyed the most delicious fish tacos and fruit smoothies from the food trucks. We visited the North Shore to watch the huge waves at Ho’okipa Lookout, stopped at Ho’okipa Beach to see the Honu come ashore. We experienced Pai’a, Kula, Haleakala, Kihei, Lahaina and Kahalui.

I think we covered the island from lush tropical rainforest jungle to dry desert and lava rock… every ounce of it incredible and amazing. These images are just a snippet from our trip and I just can’t wait to visit again.




The Tompkins | Fall Family Session

I have known this family since, well… almost forever… okay maybe not forever but it’s been 17 years. I have been blessed to have cared for and watch each of their three children grow, each of them learn to walk and find their words, discover the world through play and adventure. It has been awesome and amazing.

Not all the family is fond of the camera but I am always excited when I get the call that it’s time to capture some family photos and this year it’s been an amazing fall. I love catching up with everyone as always but I truly enjoyed the impromptu ‘Macarena dance’ that broke out with Dad and the kids while I was capturing a few beautiful images of mom.

Thanks again Tompkins family for the laughter and the love, you guys really are awesome!!Tompkins-Family-13-Sept-2015

Tompkins-Family-9-Sept-2015 Tompkins-Family-12-Sept-2015 Tompkins-Family-10-Sept-2015 Tompkins-Family-4-Sept-2015 Tompkins-Family-2-Sept-2015 Tompkins-Family-1-Sept-2015 Tompkins-Family-Sept-2015

This is what I captured of the impromptu ‘Macarena’…

Tompkins-Family-8a-Sept-2015 Tompkins-Family-8b-Sept-2015 Tompkins-Family-8c-Sept-2015

Mrs Weavers Finest – A Collaborative Affair

“Wow, you made me look so beautiful.”

Its one of the best compliments a photographer could receive but the camera truly records what it sees. The beauty is already there. Tara and Alanna did an amazing job doing hair and Dalyn is an amazing make up artist . It’s not easy to come to the ‘parlour’ and be vulnerable and raw. Don’t be afraid of your own beautiful femininity. I just worked to draw out the natural you, to help the timid and nervousness fall away and together we greeted the sweet excitement of the vintage shoot. I believe that women spend much of their time taking care of everyone else and typically spend very little time focusing on themselves. It is so awesome to be reminded from time to time how incredible we are as individuals and as women. Beauty is so much more than pretty. It’s inside and outside pretty. It’s vulnerable and feminine pretty. It’s strength and power pretty. It’s all the complicated bits and pieces of a woman’s soul vibrating together to make up that magnificent being that is so much more than can be defined by one word.

So blessed to have met such amazing women and their enthusiasm to recreating these vintage images for Mrs. Weaver’s Finest Unmentionables – custom lingerie for Every Body! ‘Mrs. Weaver’ says in her blog post… “The intention for this shoot was to take beautiful vintage images, like the ones I’ve collected on my Vintage Beauties Pinterest Board, and recreate them or use them as a basis for inspiration. The women who posed for these modern photographs are real women and the images haven’t been photoshopped – with the exception of a bruise that was erased from someone’s bottom. The shoot was designed to be a celebration of the inherent beauty in all women and the results have surpassed my wildest dreams.”

I am incredibly honored to be part of this journey and look forward to where this adventure will take us. To these women who came together for this creative session and to the future women who will come I want to strive to empower and uplift you but I also want to thank you for trusting me to capture your innate beauty in a respectful manner but also for having courage and believing in yourself enough to celebrate you.

Well done ladies!

Mrs-Weaver's-Women-1-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-16-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-15-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-3-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-2-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-13-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-6-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-7-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-5-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-14-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-10-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-11-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-9-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-12-Sept-2015 Mrs-Weaver's-Women-8-Sept-2015

Exploring Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park | Personal

Nothing clears my head more than a walk among the giants. I love the mountains, they soothe my soul.

We celebrated my husbands birthday this past weekend in the beauty of Johnston Creek Canyon, Banff National Park. A beautiful and quiet site in the campground, just the two of us and the dogs. Perfection.

Friday rained, rained all day. Snuggled up in the camper we watched movies, played cards and talked… I love those moments. Conversations about renovations, about kids, about funny moments, about car rebuild plans, about Hawaii, about us… I really do love those conversations. I love the time together.

Saturday we nearly had the canyon all to ourselves with Hwy 1A closed due to a bike race. I was most happy for this treat with our late start to the hike. We made it, well… I felt like I really wanted to give up but I made it… to the Ink Pots. I’m not in as good of shape as I had thought. The hike is 5.9 kms one way and the beauty of the Ink Pots is so worth the climb. We spent some time enjoying the view and recuperating. I took photos and was so in awe of the view and proud of myself for not giving up. The trip down was easier and by the time we reached the lower falls the canyon was full of tourists, I have not ever experienced the canyon so busy.

Sunday we packed up and headed to Two Jack Lake to meet up with friends for a paddle boarding experience. The weather beautiful and views are second to none. I enjoyed the peacefulness and serenity of being on the water on the paddle board, I enjoyed it more than I had anticipated.

It was an incredible weekend with my love.

Johnston-Creek-Canyon-1-Aug-2015 Johnston-Creek-Canyon-3-Aug-2015 Johnston-Creek-Canyon-Ink-Pots-1-Aug-2015 Johnston-Creek-Canyon-Ink-Pots-Aug-2015 Johnston-Creek-Canyon-2-Aug-2015 Johnston-Creek-Canyon-Aug-2015 Johnston-Creek-Canyon-4-Aug-2015 Johnston-Creek-Canyon-9-Aug-2015 Johnston-Creek-Canyon-5-Aug-2015 Johnston-Creek-Canyon-7-Aug-2015 Johnston-Creek-Canyon-6-Aug-2015 Paddleboarding-3-Aug-2015 Paddleboarding-2-Aug-2015 Paddleboarding-Aug-2015

Country Boudoir | Personal

As women we tend to be nurturers and finding time for ourselves is not always on the top of the priority list, although it should be. I took an evening for myself and met up with Jen Seabrook, an amazing photographer. We planned an evening of boudoir and hoped to come away with a whole lots of fun and some fabulous images. It was truly more than that. Learning more about myself and how comfortable I am in my own skin. Discovering a beauty within much like the beauty I see in others.

There are so many wonderful images but I am choosing to only share one here, boudoir is indeed so beautiful and can be exactly what you are looking for. If you are interested in a session please check out my Facebook page or contact me here through my blog, I would be more than happy to help you discover your natural beauty.


A Little Summer Lovin’

It’s been a glorious summer and we were thrilled to get away to enjoy the back country for a couple weeks. Here’s a glimpse of our time in paradise…

1-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-paradise 2-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-morning-light 3-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-trickling-falls 4-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-swimming-hole 5-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-my-wild-guy 6-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-Livingston-helipad 7-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-Livingston-lookout 9-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-single-daisy 11-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-creekside-wildflowers 12-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-through-the-trees 13-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-side-stream 14-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-woodpecker-holes 18-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-Sugarloaf-Lookout-alpine-flowers 20-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-old-man-in-the-tree 22-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-moonlit-camp 26-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-atop-the-Green-Weenie 28-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-little-wildflowers 34-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-Oldman-River-crossing 35-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-quiet-day 37-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-butterfly 41-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-Tornado-Pass-climb 45-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-Tornado-Pass-slide2 49-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-Tornado-Pass-slide6 51-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-Tornado-Pass 52-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-Tornado-Pass-quads 53-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-field-of-daisies 56-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-keeko-and-Chelsea 59-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-hummingbird 61-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-cows 62-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-fireweed 63-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-days-end 64-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-days-end2 70-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-reflections 71-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-milky-way 72-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-Taylor 74-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-Taylor-bike 77-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-Jessica-and-Tony 85-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-Sugarloaf-trail 87-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-Sugarloaf-Lookout-kids 92-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-Sugarloaf-helicopter2 94-Holidays-2015-Dutch-Creek-Sugarloaf-trail-below

Dylann & Kenzie… Besties | Calgary & Area Photographer

I always enjoy exploring with the ‘littles’ in my world and equally enjoy capturing them in photographs.

I was happy to borrow Dylann’s best friend, Kenzie for the morning to take them out for a wee photoshoot… ‘er… I mean… tea party play in one of my new favorite little spots here in town. These two girls are just like sisters, what one does so does the other. Totally full of giggles and laughter.

Bare toes, little dresses and a silver tea set, all the fixings for little girl play. Add a trickling stream, birds in the trees and even the sunshine streaming in. I super enjoyed capturing the moments between them.

Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ30-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ27-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ23-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ20-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ19-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ22-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ15-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ13-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ12-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ10-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ9-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ8-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ6-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ3-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ1-June-2015

Keegan’s Graduation, Olds College | Personal

Sometimes I still find it hard to decide what I would like to be when I grow up.  Lol

Keegan on the other hand know what she’d like to do… she’d like to work with animals and her goal was to get into the Animal Health Technician Program at Olds College but she missed the deadline with her application and rather than take a year off she decided that the perfect compliment to the AHT Program would be the 1 year VMR (Veterinary Medicine Receptionist) Program. Today she graduated honors with distinction. I could not be more proud. She maintained a GPA that granted her a seat in the AHT Program this fall.

Way to go Keegan!!

Keegan-OCGrad2015 Keegan-OCGrad2015-8 Keegan-OCGrad2015-7 Keegan-OCGrad2015-2 Keegan-OCGrad2015-9 Keegan-OCGrad2015-6 Keegan-OCGrad2015-10 Keegan-OCGrad2015-5 Keegan-OCGrad2015-4 Keegan-OCGrad2015-1 Keegan-OCGrad2015-3

Daddy’s Jersey | Children

I met this fabulous little family when their wee one was super tiny and new. There was much excitement about her pending arrival… first grandchild on both sides of the family… many were excited to meet and snuggle this sweet girl. I, of course, have been blessed too as our lives have become intertwined. This sweet girl brings the biggest smiles and best hugs!

Right from that first session we have included Daddy’s jersey of his favorite team… last year we even captured the family together in each of their jerseys (although I’m thinking Dylann will be needing a new jersey next year, not so sure she’s going to fit in hers). I was thrilled that we have been experiencing a milder than usual winter  this year and that we could capture the ‘annual’ birthday jersey photos outside at the Big Rock. A mild day with a slight breeze made for some wild and fun hair perfect for Dylann’s crazy amount of enthusiasm and fun. I absolutely enjoy photographing her.

Looking forward to some fun family photos in the spring.

Dylann-Jersey2-Feb-2015 Dylann-Jersey1-Feb-2015 Dylann-Jersey-Feb-2015 Dylann-Jersey6-Feb-2015 Dylann-Jersey7-Feb-2015 Dylann-Jersey4-Feb-2015 Dylann-Jersey5-Feb-2015

Lots has changed since last year… this girl has really grown and has a happy and fun personality.