Keegan & Chris | Calgary Photographer

Winter can be such magical season, especially when the sun shines and brightens up the day. It’s been cold this winter so when the weather came together on a weekend day when we could get out and adventure we took advantage of the moment. A walk for the dogs, a tailgate picnic, hot chocolate and oodles of laughter out at Elbow Falls.

Keegan and Chris adopted Bandit after being his medical foster. He was surrendered at a spay/neuter clinic in northern Alberta with a broken shoulder. When we first met him he was hurting and aggressive. AARCS looked after his shoulder and he was neutered at the same time. It was hard to keep him ‘quiet’ during his recovery. He just wanted to go, to run and play. He has an unbelievable personality, he can put on the charm, he can chill out and he can full on play. Such a good boy. He is so loved and equally loving too.

It was nice to get out and snap some photos, visit, walk and play.

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