A New Chapter Begins | Lifestyle Session

Casual Act: There are those who don’t have to speak loudly to make a statement; whose actions speak louder than words. ~ EVO (moulding paste)

It’s exciting to start a new Chapter in our own ‘life story’ but it can also be daunting as well. New space, new place, new co-workers, new feel… all pretty exciting in the beginning. Then you realize that all the old creature comforts are new too and next thing you know… you discover that you’re the ‘new girl’. We decided the shake the ‘new’ feeling up and turn it on it’s head with a creative and business promoting styled photoshoot. Grabbed a few dresses, a kick butt pair of heels, make up and hair all done up and she rocked the camera.

Tara is a freelance stylist operating at Notorious Hair Group in Inglewood. She is a lover of all things hair. A communicator. A curl wizard. Her favorite place outside of hanging with her family is behind the chair… getting to know her clients in the mirror. Her quirky, energetic style and personality lend to a unique combination of talent and compassion. Lover of all things vintage. Tara brings hair to life… she is a ‘Casual Act’.

I’m honored to capture Tara in her new space. I know her clients are going to enjoy catching up with her at Notorious. If you’re looking for a stylist, you gotta give this girl a call… Hairbrained… you’ll not be disappointed.

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