Keegan | Portrait Session

This girl… my girl… is often my muse. Whenever I was to try something out she is always willing and tries to be available. This time it was her request. She came to me with some pretty concrete ideas of what she was looking for and even masterminded a plan to have her guys truck available without his knowledge. She wanted to create something special for him.

A little something for him?

What better to give than a gift of some photos of this two favorite things… his beautiful girl and his sweet ride. It was a glorious day might have been a little better if we had a bit of a breeze. Need a breeze? No problem… a reflector and some arm muscles… voila, we have a breeze! This session I was quite happy to have an assistant and also helps in the laughter department.

Truly a great evening.

keegan-truck-4-aug-2016 keegan-truck-2-aug-2016 keegan-truck-1-aug-2016 keegan-truck-aug-2016 keegan-truck-5-aug-2016

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