When My Family Gathers | Personal

When we were all younger ‘keeping up’ seemed like the name of the game. Running kids here, volunteering for that, date nights, family game nights, school activities, Main Stage, riding lessons, friend visits, camping, holidays… often we were exhausted but happy. Okay, most of the time we were happy. Raising children is an immense job and although there are moments when you wonder or question (depending on what stage you are at in your own parenting) it is highly rewarding.

We all have our moments… I had my moments, I still have them now and then but I just don’t seem to make them so grandiose anymore. I have been doing some growing up too. Now that my children are all pretty much moved out and living their lives I find the moments when they are home some of my most favorite times.

I can guarantee that we all seem to be together for the big holidays and events. Thanksgiving, Christmas, graduations, and for the August birthday celebrations. So this year when we all finally gathered together I made sure we acknowledged the event with a family photo. Set up the tripod, rounded up all the participants (dogs included) and even recruited a girlfriend to man the shutter button.



Left to right (back): Chris Cielen, Keegan, Dale, me, Ryane and Jason (front) Taylor, Keeko, Chelsea , Elijah and Ella.

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