Lenore & her boys | Family Session

My daughter talks to me often about breeds, cat breeds, horse breeds, dog breeds, it’s part of her education in studying to be a Vet. I knew that Lenore’s ‘pup’ was an Irish Wolfhound. Keegan and I talked often about him and Lenore had shared photos but Blarney was not just a big breed, but a BIG breed pooch. Growing at a pretty amazing rate and now at a year old he was as tall as Mason standing on 4 legs. I really wanted to capture the two of them together… Mason and his dog, Blarney. Trying to manage and photograph and young pooch in hard enough let alone on that has long legs and can make great strides in a short time and one who also has enough strength to drag Mason on the leash.

We met at an open space on a crisp but sunny morning. Chatted about the kind of photos I had envisioned and we would hope for the best, not wanting it to be stressful. We let Blarney explore a little, get comfy with where he was and then as we decided to give the leash to Mason, Lenore tried to help him to understand that if Blarney was to take off to just ‘LET GO’ of the leash. Blarney although still full of puppy spunk showed us some calmness and gave us a taste of the gentle giant that he will be in the years to come. Such a beautiful boy!

I love this wee little family.



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