Getting in the Creative Flow | Growing Session

Spending time with a creative hairstylist is a bit like having every single tab open in Windows. There is just so much going on and I like to just hang on for the ride and go with it. Tara introduced Shea and I to Gillian (turns out I already met Gillian once before) and we spent the morning hanging out getting to know each other while hair was teased and make up applied. Gillian looked great  and then it was my turn and I still find myself feeling quite reserved in this realm of posing. By the time I get all settled in the session is over and we are packing up to head home. It’s this creative area where I would love more practise, especially with communication and just to allow the image to evolve rather than worry about making sure I get a photo of this and a photo of that for everyone else. It’s time to really expand… maybe it’s my turn to plan a creative session.

I am incredibly grateful to Gillian for opening up her home and herself to our whims and allowing her inner goddess to come out and play.


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