Tara & Mya Family Session | Okotoks Photographer

Sometimes its hard to make time or coordinate schedules to fit some family photos in. I was thrilled when Tara called suggesting that it was ‘time’. We have been working together creatively for a while now and Mya was feeling that they should have some photos done together. We found some beautiful light, trees and even chickens on a friends property. I discovered that Mya has a phobia of mice and any kind of creep crawlie things that might be lurking in a pile of leaves. It’s something I think about every time I see a pile of leaves now, especially ones that were raked some time ago. (Sorry Mya… I get ya now!) We even had fun taking selfies with the chicken!!  What a great evening.Tara-Watts-Family-18-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-17-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-15-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-14-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-13-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-11-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-10-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-8-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-7-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-5-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-4-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-3-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-2-Oct-2015Tara-Watts-Family-1-Oct-2015

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