Baker Creek Tradition

We have been visiting Baker Creek for a long while now and although it is a very favorite place of ours to get away to we did decide that it was time to explore new country and create another ‘new’ favorite place. For our last visit we had some goals… a hike up to the Lake Agnes Tea House from Lake Louise and dinner at the Primrose Restaurant at the Rimrock Hotel in Banff and who better to share our last stay with, Kelsey and Cassandra. We had a total blast. Baker-Creek-Weekend-23-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-22-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-20-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-198-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-17-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-15-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-12-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-11-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-10-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-7-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-6-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-4-Oct-2015Baker-Creek-Weekend-2-Oct-2015

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