The Tompkins | Fall Family Session

I have known this family since, well… almost forever… okay maybe not forever but it’s been 17 years. I have been blessed to have cared for and watch each of their three children grow, each of them learn to walk and find their words, discover the world through play and adventure. It has been awesome and amazing.

Not all the family is fond of the camera but I am always excited when I get the call that it’s time to capture some family photos and this year it’s been an amazing fall. I love catching up with everyone as always but I truly enjoyed the impromptu ‘Macarena dance’ that broke out with Dad and the kids while I was capturing a few beautiful images of mom.

Thanks again Tompkins family for the laughter and the love, you guys really are awesome!!Tompkins-Family-13-Sept-2015

Tompkins-Family-9-Sept-2015 Tompkins-Family-12-Sept-2015 Tompkins-Family-10-Sept-2015 Tompkins-Family-4-Sept-2015 Tompkins-Family-2-Sept-2015 Tompkins-Family-1-Sept-2015 Tompkins-Family-Sept-2015

This is what I captured of the impromptu ‘Macarena’…

Tompkins-Family-8a-Sept-2015 Tompkins-Family-8b-Sept-2015 Tompkins-Family-8c-Sept-2015

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