Carrie & Ryan | Engagement Session

Carrie is the sweetest of souls and always doing something for someone else. I am so excited that she has met such a wonderful guy in Ryan. They are so happy together and such a perfect fit. I am looking very forward to when the two of them will tie the knot next year. We scooped a little time together out at Carburn Park in Calgary before all the leaves dropped, a beautiful backdrop for two awesome people. I am so happy for you both.

Carrie-&-Ryan-Engagement-13-Sept-2015 Carrie-&-Ryan-Engagement-12-Sept-2015 Carrie-&-Ryan-Engagement-11-Sept-2015 Carrie-&-Ryan-Engagement-8-Sept-2015 Carrie-&-Ryan-Engagement-7-Sept-2015 Carrie-&-Ryan-Engagement-5-Sept-2015 Carrie-&-Ryan-Engagement-3-Sept-2015 Carrie-&-Ryan-Engagement-4-Sept-2015 Carrie-&-Ryan-Engagement-Sept-2015

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