Just a Little Bit Country | Boudoir Session

Several years back I visited a piece of property that had my heart swooning, a quaint little house and beautifully country out buildings, great fence and this fantastic claw foot tub plumbed in right on the veranda. The new owners were just moving in then. Since I have dreamed of the moment when I could photograph in that space. Wild ideas. Wild dreams. I joked then with the owner about needing to photograph in that space (deep down though I wasn’t kidding).

Recently my husband and I took a trip out to this property to see if… 1. It was still in the same condition as I had remembered and 2. to make a serious query about photographing in that space. We enjoyed a wonderful visit and I was over the moon to discover the place just as I had remembered. We chatted about some of the ideas that I had and I excitedly had free reign so I booked a date.

One of my wonderful Dayhome mom’s eagerly volunteered for the shoot. We both crossed our fingers for a great day and when Mother Nature came up short and threatened rain we went out there anyway. I secretly had hoped for a thunder shower, can you imagine the experience that would have been. In the end I didn’t get the rain, actually as we finished up and I got ready for the next shoot the sun came out to play.

I didn’t quite get the shots I had dreamed up over the last several years but I still continue to be ‘Von Wong’ inspired and continue to grow my skills to reach my goal. The trouble is I am on a time line, the house is slated to be leveled and burned this winter and a replacement will be in its place, a newer home and the owner will be able to really enjoy the pristine and lusciously beautiful part of their property right from the front window.

For now this is the beauty captured that grey afternoon…

Angela-Country-Tub Angela-Country-Tub-1 Angela-Country-Tub-2 Angela-Country-Tub-3 Angela-Country-Tub-4 Angela-Country-Tub-5 Angela-Country-Tub-6 Angela-Country-Tub-7 Angela-Country-Tub-9 Angela-Country-Tub-10Angela-Country-Tub-11

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