Celebrating 10 Years | Lifestyle Session

A gorgeous wife, a racer, a KTM bike and add a ‘KTM orange’ bikini and we got all the fixins for a fabulous anniversary gift. What dirtbiking husband wouldn’t want to see these pop up in his inbox every now and then. This was a fun session and we managed to figure out just how to delicately balance the body on a dirtbike. Woot!!!

Thank you to my fabulous husband for helping us maneuver the dirtbike just where ever we wanted it.

Lisa-KTM-Boudoir-title-1-Aug-2015 Lisa-KTM-Boudoir-13-Aug-2015 Lisa-KTM-Boudoir-14-Aug-2015 Lisa-KTM-Boudoir-15-Aug-2015 Lisa-KTM-Boudoir-11-Aug-2015 Lisa-KTM-Boudoir-19-Aug-2015 Lisa-KTM-Boudoir-Aug-2015 Lisa-KTM-Boudoir-2-Aug-2015 Lisa-KTM-Boudoir-26-Aug-2015 Lisa-KTM-Boudoir-25-Aug-2015 Lisa-KTM-Boudoir-24-Aug-2015 Lisa-KTM-Boudoir-23-Aug-2015 Lisa-KTM-Boudoir-5-Aug-2015

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