The Cameron’s | Family Session

A grandmother’s love is an amazing thing.

Typically we are invested in worry and concern as we raise our own children, making sure they have every opportunity available to them, making sure they are relatively unhurt (minimal broken bones), making sure they are loved (even if that’s through a little tough love discipline) and we focus to get them to the starting point of life on their own… most moments treasured and sometimes there are a few that ended up missed along the way. Becoming a grandparent they investment is pure joy… we’ve already gained the wisdom of raising children that we just focus on being in every moment and loving every minute.

Donna’s grandchildren are both near and far so when everyone gathered together this summer I was grateful to capture a few photos of her beautiful family.

Love is indeed an amazing thing.

Cameron-Extended-Family-2-August-2015 Cameron-Extended-Family-3-August-2015 Cameron-Extended-Family-9-August-2015 Cameron-Extended-Family-4-August-2015 Cameron-Extended-Family-1-August-2015 Cameron-Extended-Family-7-August-2015 Cameron-Extended-Family-5-August-2015 Cameron-Extended-Family-6-August-2015 Cameron-Extended-Family-8-August-2015

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