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Nothing clears my head more than a walk among the giants. I love the mountains, they soothe my soul.

We celebrated my husbands birthday this past weekend in the beauty of Johnston Creek Canyon, Banff National Park. A beautiful and quiet site in the campground, just the two of us and the dogs. Perfection.

Friday rained, rained all day. Snuggled up in the camper we watched movies, played cards and talked… I love those moments. Conversations about renovations, about kids, about funny moments, about car rebuild plans, about Hawaii, about us… I really do love those conversations. I love the time together.

Saturday we nearly had the canyon all to ourselves with Hwy 1A closed due to a bike race. I was most happy for this treat with our late start to the hike. We made it, well… I felt like I really wanted to give up but I made it… to the Ink Pots. I’m not in as good of shape as I had thought. The hike is 5.9 kms one way and the beauty of the Ink Pots is so worth the climb. We spent some time enjoying the view and recuperating. I took photos and was so in awe of the view and proud of myself for not giving up. The trip down was easier and by the time we reached the lower falls the canyon was full of tourists, I have not ever experienced the canyon so busy.

Sunday we packed up and headed to Two Jack Lake to meet up with friends for a paddle boarding experience. The weather beautiful and views are second to none. I enjoyed the peacefulness and serenity of being on the water on the paddle board, I enjoyed it more than I had anticipated.

It was an incredible weekend with my love.

Johnston-Creek-Canyon-1-Aug-2015 Johnston-Creek-Canyon-3-Aug-2015 Johnston-Creek-Canyon-Ink-Pots-1-Aug-2015 Johnston-Creek-Canyon-Ink-Pots-Aug-2015 Johnston-Creek-Canyon-2-Aug-2015 Johnston-Creek-Canyon-Aug-2015 Johnston-Creek-Canyon-4-Aug-2015 Johnston-Creek-Canyon-9-Aug-2015 Johnston-Creek-Canyon-5-Aug-2015 Johnston-Creek-Canyon-7-Aug-2015 Johnston-Creek-Canyon-6-Aug-2015 Paddleboarding-3-Aug-2015 Paddleboarding-2-Aug-2015 Paddleboarding-Aug-2015

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