Ron & Shauna’s Intimate Wedding | Calgary & Area Wedding Photographer

I was disappointed that I could not attend my brother, Ron’s wedding ceremony that would happen on the beautiful beaches of Mexico. A beautiful place for a union… a union between two wonderful people… two people who deserve an abundance of happiness. I was incredibly grateful when they asked me to capture a few moments of their intimate ceremony back home. I have some favorite moments of the afternoon that started with my bro doing up his beautiful brides wedding dress to the impromptu dancing and getting our groove on and the deliciously smoked pork that filled our bellies. It was a beautiful day despite the cool weather and overcast skies, a beautiful ceremony in the heart of their home surrounded with love.

Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-20 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-2 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-1 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-Sophie Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-11 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-10 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-6 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-9 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-14 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-13 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-12 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-17 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-16 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-18 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-7Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-19 Ron-&-Shauna-Wedding-8 Ron-&-Shauna-Dance-1-June-2015 Ron-&-Shauna-Dance-June-2015

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