Dylann & Kenzie… Besties | Calgary & Area Photographer

I always enjoy exploring with the ‘littles’ in my world and equally enjoy capturing them in photographs.

I was happy to borrow Dylann’s best friend, Kenzie for the morning to take them out for a wee photoshoot… ‘er… I mean… tea party play in one of my new favorite little spots here in town. These two girls are just like sisters, what one does so does the other. Totally full of giggles and laughter.

Bare toes, little dresses and a silver tea set, all the fixings for little girl play. Add a trickling stream, birds in the trees and even the sunshine streaming in. I super enjoyed capturing the moments between them.

Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ30-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ27-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ23-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ20-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ19-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ22-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ15-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ13-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ12-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ10-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ9-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ8-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ6-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ3-June-2015 Dylann-&-Kenzie-Tea-Party-BJ1-June-2015

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