Creative Yoga Session | Calgary & Area Photographer

‘Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, or worn. It is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.’ ~ Denis Waitley

That’s what I experienced Tuesday night from these amazing women… love, grace and gratitude and an abundance of passion. Robin is an instructor with Motion Fitness in Okotoks, she teaches classes and is also a personal trainer and incredibly fit and flexible. She didn’t shy away form anything we asked of her and the results are beautiful and amazing.

Once again I enjoyed working with the talented make up artist Dalyn Daysdream Makeovers and creative hairstylist Tara Watts. You ladies knocked the looks out of the park!!

Creative-Yoga-Robin-6-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-7-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-8-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-10-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-14-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-12-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-15-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-16-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-19-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-21-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-24-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-26-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-31-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-33-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-35-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-37-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-38-June-2015 Creative-Yoga-Robin-42-June-2015

The creative beauty duo in action…


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