Madison’s Senior Session | Calgary and Area Photographer

We booked a double session.

A double session to make sure we had enough time to work with her beautiful horse, JJ plus a couple outfit changes. We armed ourselves with a beautiful location and the weather was outstanding but the mosquitoes were out in full force!! Madison’s mumma came prepared though… bug spray for both us and JJ (definitely much appreciated).

We drove down to our shoot location while Madison walked her horse and once she arrived it was clear that JJ was excited to eat up all the dandelions and explore. The photoshoot was not high on JJ’s priority list. When we started feeling the frustration creep in we were able to walk it off and let go of expectations… especially JJ. All the while capturing some candid and beautiful moments among the ones we tried to ‘set up’. It was an awesome evening and I am grateful that we set aside the time to be able to just enjoy the whole experience.

On a side note… I was lucky enough to walk JJ while Madison changed outfits, I hadn’t realized how much I missed being with these beautiful creatures. I certainly enjoyed the moment.

I look forward to capturing more of this duo. You are a dynamite together!!

Congratulations on your graduation, Madison.

Madi-&-JJ-Grad-30-May-2015 Madi-&-JJ-Grad-28-May-2015 Madi-&-JJ-Grad-7-May-2015 Madi-&-JJ-Grad-27-May-2015 Madi-&-JJ-Grad-26-May-2015 Madi-&-JJ-Grad-24-May-2015 Madi-&-JJ-Grad-23-May-2015 Madi-&-JJ-Grad-22-May-2015 Madi-&-JJ-Grad Madi-&-JJ-Grad-21-May-2015 Madi-&-JJ-Grad-20-May-2015 Madi-&-JJ-Grad-19-May-2015 Madi-&-JJ-Grad-18-May-2015 Madi-&-JJ-Grad-17-May-2015 Madi-&-JJ-Grad-16-May-2015 Madi-&-JJ-Grad-14-May-2015Madi-&-JJ-Grad-5-May-2015 Madi-&-JJ-Grad-13-May-2015 Madi-&-JJ-Grad-8-May-2015 Madi-&-JJ-Grad-9-May-2015

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