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Sometimes it just isn’t the right moment to be headed out to take photos and to actually get these two in the same frame is a daunting task… it’s been a long while since we set aside and ‘planned’ a photo shoot.

The red hat arrived at my door in a bag of hand-me-down and instantly a wanted to capture a certain beautiful freckle faced girl. I was sure she would look adorable with her strawberry blonde wild hair, beautiful eyes and all those gorgeous little freckles (they are definitely my favorite) remind me so much of her Mumma when she was small. I showed Ella the hat and the cute matching gloves and she was instantly hooked. My mission now was to convince her little brother, Elijah to join in the fun as well.

I packed up a bag of tricks and headed to a location I’ve shot at before and as we were heading out the thin cloud crept across the sky and I had the most perfect diffused light… YESSSSS!!!! Once we arrived I switched out Elijah’s coat and showed him the hat I brought along, ‘Can I wear that Grandma, it will make me so handsome?’ Well that was easy, really easy. We climbed down the bank to the little stream and both of them were just amazing to work with and we had so much fun and I have some fabulous updates for my wall.

These are a few of my favorite captures…

Ella-&-Elijah-Vintage-Hats-1-March-2015 Elijah-Hat-March-2015 Ella-Vintage-sassy-March-2015 Elijah-Hat-2-March-2015 Ella-Vintage-March-2015 Ella-&-Elijah-Vintage-Hats-2-March-2015 Ella-&-Elijah-Vintage-Stream-March-2015 Ella-&-Elijah-Vintage-Explore-March-2015

I’m not sure what he was whispering to her… but I sure love their sibling love right now. They arrived her last Friday and this week with them is just going by way to fast, waaaaay to fast!


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