Boys, Cute Boys Vintage Style | Children

It’s not always easy to get these boys in front of my camera but I was happy to get them out for a few snaps. Not always do they want to participate in the photo taking adventures and the weather has been unseasonably beautiful so after acquiring enough coats and hats for all of them we set out to enjoy the sunshine and some giggles. Individually they are pretty dang sweet but put them all together and they are a group of silly boys, laughing at almost anything. I just can’t get enough of them and those little grins. It was a heap of fun and afterwards we enjoyed a yummy donut.Evan-Liam-Jan-2015 Mason-Jan-2015 Ethan-Jan-2015 Evan-Jan-2015 Liam-Jan-2015 Evan-Liam2-Jan-2015 Four-boys1-Jan-2015

One of my favorites I had taken the day before, it inspired me to try and capture all 4 boys…


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