The Boutot’s Explore Elbow Falls | Families

I received a text with a photo of a stone wall and railing in an Autumn scene…

Can we do our family photos here?

Absolutely, it looks beautiful.

Apparently it’s Elbow Falls by Bragg Creek

Ahhhhhhh… yes!!! I remember now.

I’ve never been but I am in love, can we make it happen?

Sure, I love that place in EVERY season!!!

Well we sure picked a beautiful day, 5 C in late November. The boys loved the rocks and exploring despite the icy sections. It was a fantastic afternoon… and we definitely made it happen!

Boutot-Family-Elbow-Falls3 Boutot-Family-Elbow-Falls5 Boutot-Family-Elbow-Falls Boutot-Family-Elbow-Falls9 Boutot-Family-Elbow-Falls8 Boutot-Family-Elbow-Falls1 Boutot-Family-Elbow-Falls11 Boutot-Family-Elbow-Falls12 Boutot-Family-Elbow-Falls7

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