Celebrating 20 Years

We are quite the duo…

Love stock cars, racing and Sprint Cup (but not the same drivers)

Love dogs

Love camping, quadding and playing in the mud

Love sunsets and sunrises (in the winter season when he doesn’t have to get up so early)

Love adventures, hiking and the great outdoors

Love creating

Love car shows, swap meets and Street Machine Weekend

Love comedy, live theater and musicals

Love popcorn

Love the closeness of family and laughter of friends

Love life and…


We explored, experienced and enjoyed while we were out at Baker Creek. These 20 years have been so amazing and to take a moment to realize how much we have grown as a couple but also how much we have grown individually and the amazingness of how we celebrate and honor the things that make us who we are and encourage each other.  He is my very best friend and I am so excited to see where the next 20 years takes us.

Baker-Creek2 Baker-Creek13 Baker-Creek11 Baker-Creek28 Baker-Creek27 Baker-Creek9 Baker-Creek6 Baker-Creek10 Baker-Creek4 Baker-Creek8 Baker-Creek12 Baker-Creek14 Baker-Creek25

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