Lori & her boys | Family Session

This is an amazing story of strength, courage and triumph. Not unlike many of your own personal stories, we just never really know what it is like to experience the life of another, we only know the story we create in our own mind tainted by our experiences and wounding. Not a place where one can love unconditionally.

I find myself trying to simply love unconditionally, not judge or feed the need to ‘fix’ things when friends ask for advice, I’m trying to listen more and talk less and try to hear what is not being said.

Being supportive.

Loving more.

Peeling back the layers of our own brick walls is a scary experience. Sometimes we are needing to find strength and courage just to get through the day. Lori embarked on a wild rollercoaster ride when the two of us became friends… ups, downs and even some sideways loops. Heart to hearts, loads  of laughter, blender drinks, experiencing fears, tears, brutal honesty, crazy antics, sleepovers in the mountains… a wildly beautiful ride so far.

So in her decision to tackle her weight I supported her and  tried to do my best to hold her hand through this wild ride. I loved her with the weight and I love her as she sheds the weight. I asked to take some photos, I know how she feels about the camera (many feel the same way) but I wanted her to see herself the way the rest of us see her, the way we have ALWAYS seen her… beautiful and amazing.

You rock my friend.

I love you.

Lori-Family11 Lori-Family10 Lori-Family4 Lori-Family5 Lori-Family9 Lori-Family2 Lori-Family1 Lori-Family12 Lori-Family8

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