Kavanagh Family | Autumn is in the Air

I’m not sure I have ever met anyone who loves this colorful and beautiful season as much as I do… well except maybe this girl. The second there’s a crispness in the morning air bringing a slight shift in the color of the leaves she books her family photos… every year. She hasn’t always been a fan of the camera but she is really beginning to warm up to it. Beautiful and always smiling it’s great to get together. It’s astounding how fast her family is growing and changing, two fine young men who I really enjoyed spending time with. So nice to have her Dad join us this year… I so love all the sunkissed smiles.

Donna-&-Family Donna-&-Family16 Donna-&-Family15 Donna-&-Family17 Donna-&-Family13 Donna-&-Family14 Donna-&-Family11 Donna-&-Family1 Donna-&-Family8 Donna-&-Family5 Donna-&-Family3

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