Amanda & Wes, a beautiful love story | Weddings

This love story is a little close to my heart, not just because Amanda is my niece but because her love story reminds me so much of my own. At a time in your life when you wonder if there really truly is that someone special out there a wonderful ‘prince’ comes along and scoops up the beautiful damsel in his arms and promises to not only love her but her children as well. Wes has loved them all so deeply.

I was happy to witness the immense amount of happiness that these two have and it is a real treat to watch Wes with those two little girls… he dove into the parenting with a huge heart full of love. I see great things to grow from this kind of love.

Congratulations Amanda and Wes.

Amanda-&-Wes-wedding-15 Amanda-&-Wes-wedding-14 Amanda-&-Wes-wedding-12 Amanda-&-Wes-wedding-11 Amanda-&-Wes-wedding-18 Amanda-&-Wes-wedding-20 Amanda-&-Wes-wedding-21 Amanda-&-Wes-wedding-2 Amanda-&-Wes-wedding-10 Amanda-&-Wes-wedding-16 Amanda-&-Wes-wedding-8 Amanda-&-Wes-wedding-6 Amanda-&-Wes-wedding-4 Amanda-&-Wes-wedding-23 Amanda-&-Wes-wedding-26 Amanda-&-Wes-wedding-24 Amanda-&-Wes-wedding-17

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