Lauren and Sheldon Tie the Knot | Weddings

It had been heavily overcast and quite gloomy with the days leading up to Lauren and Sheldon’s big day and there was a bit of scrambling to find some great indoor locations. Fast forward to last Saturday morning and I awoke to a wee glimpse of blue sky.  It was going to be an amazing day… and THAT it was.  Congratulations to such an awesome couple.

Lauren-&-Sheldon-3 Lauren-&-Sheldon-11 Lauren-&-Sheldon-12 Lauren-&-Sheldon-8 Lauren-&-Sheldon-9 Lauren-&-Sheldon-13 Lauren-&-Sheldon-10 Lauren-&-Sheldon-7 Lauren-&-Sheldon-17 Lauren-&-Sheldon-16 Lauren-&-Sheldon-18 Lauren-&-Sheldon-19 Lauren-&-Sheldon-6 Lauren-&-Sheldon-4 Lauren-&-Sheldon-29 Lauren-&-Sheldon-28 Lauren-&-Sheldon-24 Lauren-&-Sheldon-25 Lauren-&-Sheldon-23 Lauren-&-Sheldon-20 Lauren-&-Sheldon-14

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