Time with Sarah | Portrait Session

I love when I have ‘time to practise’ and it’s okay to ‘blow it’ so I was thrilled to have my niece over for a visit and thrilled that she was quite happy to be my muse. I have a favorite ‘go to’ lens, a zoom (18-200 mm) that is typically always on my camera. I truly love it. I finally after playing with a wide angle for a recent wedding thought it was time to give the lenses in my camera bag a fair shake.  I took a few captures with the trusty favorite and then I busted out my 50 mm prime lens and I think I might have found a new portrait lens I love. I hadn’t used it because I felt it wasn’t tack sharp like I would have liked it to be.  Looks like I might have been wrong or my vision is a little poor then (prior to my trifocals).

Anyway, a beautiful subject, fanfreakingtastic light, reflector and here’s a few of the images captured…

Sarah-1 Sarah-2 Sarah-3Sarah-4 Sarah-6 Sarah-5 Sarah-7

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