Nicole & Ricky | Weddings

What a treat is was to travel to Lethbridge and meet these two wonderful families. Nicole is just a fun spirited, full of smiles and down to earth kinda girl, while Ricky is a bit of a shy guy until you get to know him. It was a beautiful day with a forecast of showers… and although the downpour did happen it did not happen where we were and even though the clouds had rolled in for a bit nothing could cloud over Nicole’s bright, beautiful smile. The whole day was just so much fun.

A huge thank you to Joanne for making me feel like an honorary family member, you have such a heart of gold and Tony… you made me cry (actually you made many cry).  My deepest gratitude to you both. I invaded your space as a total stranger and left a friend.

Hopefully I will get a chance to hang out with these awesome people again… no pressure Sheldon (wink, wink).

Nicole-&-Ricky-wedding Nicole-&-Ricky-wedding2 Nicole-&-Ricky-wedding4 Nicole-&-Ricky-wedding5 Nicole-&-Ricky-wedding6 Nicole-&-Ricky-wedding7 Nicole-&-Ricky-wedding10 Nicole-&-Ricky-wedding11Nicole-&-Ricky-wedding31 Nicole-&-Ricky-wedding13 Nicole-&-Ricky-wedding15 Nicole-&-Ricky-wedding16 Nicole-&-Ricky-wedding17bw Nicole-&-Ricky-wedding19 Nicole-&-Ricky-wedding22 Nicole-&-Ricky-wedding24 Nicole-&-Ricky-wedding28 Nicole-&-Ricky-wedding29 Nicole-&-Ricky-wedding30

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