Erin | Graduation/Seniors

“We picked up our caps and gowns and all that senior stuff that’s supposed to help us remember the good ‘ole days, but some of the things that you remember most, can’t be put on paper… That day finally came, and you sat there with all the friends you had made over the years… you looked out at your family and deep down you knew that this was a once in a life time moment. It was the last time in your life that all these people would be together in one place. Yeah, there would be reunions but there was always the chance that one person wouldn’t make it there. You looked back on your time with these people and realized it was short lived and that it didn’t seem as if there was enough time for everything that you wanted to accomplish… sports, activities, SAT, ACT, and all that good stuff. They called your name, your tassel got turned, and you got a piece of paper that said that you were smart. Then you said goodbye… maybe to your town, and that school and your friends. You know that you can go back to visit, but there will be strangers in the halls and it’s not the same. It’s different, you’re different. But it’s not the end. In fact, everything is just beginning.”

Erin-cap-&-gown Erin-cap-&-gown1 Erin-cap-&-gown3 Erin-cap-&-gown5 Erin-dress-stairs Erin-dress-11 Erin-dress-4 Erin-dress-3 Erin-dress-2Erin-dress-9 Erin-dress-bw

I am so excited for your ‘beginning’ Erin… you’re gonna rock this world!!


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