Cowboy Style | Creative

A few weeks back I acquired a horse trough, the previous owner used it as a fish pond, but my initial thought was a raised bed garden and maybe one day it will become that but for now there are so many other ideas from a mini pool, to a party sized beer cooler, to a ‘cowboy’ tub… just an endless stream of ideas.

Last night I was happy to grab a few goodies and break it in for a mini style creative play, even more stoked to have Taylor happily let me photograph him and the mosquitos weren’t too brutal.

My objective: To explore new lighting and of course have fun!!  I’d say it was mission accomplished (and no… that bottle of Jack wasn’t full when we started).

June-25-365-Cowboy-TaylorCowboy-tub2 Cowboy-tub5 Cowboy-tub7 Cowboy-tub6 Cowboy-tub8 Cowboy-tub10 Cowboy-tub11 Cowboy-tub14Cowboy-tub12Cowboy-tub13

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