Winter Beauty | Landscapes

I was thrilled to have been able to spend part of my day at Big Hill Springs Provincial Park.  I went to explore, to photography, to experience one of my most favorite places in the heart of our cold winter snap.  I still found myself in awe to find the open water with green vegetation and such beauty.  This place just speaks to me EVERY single time I visit.  Yesterday was awesome!!

Big-Hill-Springs2-Feb-8-365Big-Hill-Springs3-Feb-8-365 Big-Hill-Springs-Feb-8-365Big-Hill-Springs4-Feb-8-365 Big-Hill-Springs11-Feb-8-365 Big-Hill-Springs7-Feb-8-365 Big-Hill-Springs9-Feb-8-365 Big-Hill-Springs10-Feb-8-365 Big-Hill-Springs13-Feb-8-365Big-Hill-Springs6-Feb-8-365

and something very Darwin Wiggett inspired…


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