Vanessa, so ‘vintagely’ beautiful | Studio Session

I am fond of all things vintage, aged and rustic.  I have a growing collection of pill box hats, gloves and I’m now collecting vintage furniture… it’s an addiction and I LOVE IT!!!! With a neighbor, whose passion is sewing… (check her out at… all cool camera straps for any style of camera, bags, guitar straps) she totally helps feed this crazy vintage flair of mine.  Collecting everything from clothing, hats and accessories to furniture in various condition and then having her help in bring these items back to life is seriously fabulous!

I was so happy when Vanessa wanted to come over and play in the studio with me…  winter has started to settle in and I’m super pumped to be playing indoors learning more than a few things about lighting, props, and capturing images in the studio.

Vanessa-vintage1 Vanessa-vintage2 Vanessa-vintage8Vanessa-vintage3 Vanessa-vintage5 Vanessa-vintage4 Vanessa-vintage6

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