The Extended Jeffrey Family | Family Session

I had captured the Nakamura’s a couple years ago when they only had their wee little boy, a gift given to Chris as a thank you for being a fabulous BMX coach.  It was awesome to meet this family and even better to reacquaint with an old friend of my oldest daughter’s.

So I was even more stoked when Chris’ wife had managed to find my contact information again (two years later) and this time booked a session with Nana and Papa too.  We got a chance to capture a couple of sweet rides and some family photos in the park on one of the last really beautiful days before the snow arrived.  Karter was pretty sweet tending to his little sister but truly his only request was that he had his picture taken with his Papa and Papa’s Mustang, I think it’s safe to say that he’ll be a car guy when he grows up!!

It was so much fun to meet everyone, such an awesome family!!

Jeffery-Nakamura-Family Jeffery-Nakamura-Family2 Jeffery-Nakamura-Family3 Jeffery-Nakamura-Family4 Jeffery-Nakamura-Family6 Jeffery-Nakamura-Family12 Jeffery-Nakamura-Family13 Jeffery-Nakamura-Family16 Jeffery-Nakamura-Family11 Jeffery-Nakamura-Family9 Jeffery-Nakamura-Family8 Jeffery-Nakamura-Family18 Jeffery-Nakamura-Family19 Jeffery-Nakamura-Family15

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