Steampunked!? | Personal

I love nature and the immense beauty in ALL the seasons but I wanted to explore and challenge myself to play outside of my comfort zone… so we decided to get a little, what the costume shop calls, ‘Steampunk’.  I must be getting old or becoming a bit of a hermit because I hadn’t heard about this ‘style’ before… not Gothic but… Steampunk!!  Who knew.  Anyway I enlisted in the help of a pretty willing daughter and after doing crazy hair, make up and getting costumed up we headed off for my little town’s industrial park.  I drove and looked at every fence, building, stacks of tires, alleyways for something interesting.  We`d stop, get out, check it all out, shoot a few shots and then pile back in the car.  I explored lots out of my comfort zone but truly I am not surprised when my most favorite image is in nature along the railroad tracks.  Might take some practice or the right location to help me grow a love for the concrete structures and hard lines. So here`s my experimentation:

Keegan-Steampunk1 Keegan-Steampunk3 Keegan-Steampunk4 Keegan-Steampunk8 Keegan-Steampunk7 Keegan-Steampunk9 Keegan-Steampunk6 Keegan-Steampunk15 Keegan-Steampunk13 Keegan-Steampunk14

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