Amanda and Wes | Engagement Session

From out of the incredible depths of despair from the southern Alberta flooding comes a wee bit of beautiful bliss.  It can be incredibly hard to see the good and not let it all get to you when your home his flooded and there is little chance that you’ll ever be able to move back in or recover precious family treasures.  Living in a trailer, cramped quarters, small space doing what you can for the day to day and out of the blue he asks her Dad if he can wed his darling daughter.  Yep, totally old school and then gets down on one knee and pops the question.  The flooding seems small and insignificant to the amount of joy that she was feeling.  I love this love story… I love happy endings… looking so very forward to the wedding next year!!

Amanda-&-Wes1 Amanda-&-Wes Amanda-&-Wes3 Amanda-&-Wes5 Amanda-&-Wes6 Amanda-&-Wes4 Amanda-&-Wes8 Amanda-&-Wes9 Amanda-&-Wes7 Amanda-&-Wes2

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